A Child Safety Gate is a common safety measure used around many homes with small children. They can be used to prevent babies and young children from falling down stairs or entering more hazardous parts of the home. 

The safety mechanisms will vary from gate to gate; however, it is key that the importance of ensuring the gate is closed is not forgotten. If the gate is left open, or your child has learned how to open it, then it will no longer be able to keep them safe. 

When You Forget to Shut the Stair Gate 

I don’t need to reiterate to any parents the importance of shutting gates for the safety and wellbeing of your children. However, the fact of the matter is, sometimes we forget. Bringing up children can be a stressful business after all! At Safetots, we have come up with a solution for this common problem with an Auto Close Gate. You will never have to worry about who left the baby gate open ever again! 

To view our range of Self Closing Gates, visit our SAFETOTS STAIR GATE FINDER, key in the measurements required to fit your space and select 'Auto Close' in our Gate Features section. 

When Your Child Learns How to Open the Stair Gate 

It is inevitable that once your children reach a certain age/height they will develop the ability to open and close the stair gate themselves. There are a couple of things you can do to combat this; the first being to replace your stair gate with a tougher to crack mechanism but chances are your little sweetheart will crack this one just as fast. Alternatively, you can invest in an Extra Tall Stair Gate where the mechanism is higher up out of reach.