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Kitchen Safety

Child Safety Products for the Kitchen

They say a kitchen should be the hub of any home, but this particular hub can be brimming with baby safety dangers. Hot ovens, bubbling saucepans and boiling kettles are no match for an inquisitive child and with no concept of danger, a disaster can happen in a moment. More than 42,500 children are taken to hospitals for kitchen-related injuries every year, a large proportion of which are toddlers. Accidents can be avoided with some simple child-proofing tips and inexpensive child safety products. There are two options when it comes to child safety products for the kitchen, you can invest in a good quality safety gate to keep your little angel out of the kitchen and out of harm’s way or you can childproof the kitchen with products such as cooker guards.

The first port of call for childproofing is an essential babyproof starter pack, which includes things like cupboard locks and plug protectors. You’ll also need oven locks and cooker guards. You can find all the child safety products you’ll need to transform your home into a safe baby playground in our safety essentials section or you can contact a child safety products expert for more information.

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Mar 07 ,2017