High chairs are designed to make feeding your baby at a comfortable height possible and to enable your child to eat with you at the family meal table once they are able to sit in an upright position safely and confidently.

High chairs today come in a variety of shapes and sizes with various functionalities, made from wood or plastic, but each high chair or baby booster seat is ultimately designed to enable children to eat and sit comfortably at the same height as adult seating during meal times.


The debate between wooden high chairs and plastic high chairs has been one that has been around for many years. However, we believe the decision between choosing a plastic high chair or a wooden high chair is simply one of personal preference.  Ultimately the most important things to look for in a high chair are safety and functionality.  Consider also how a high chair will work for you in your home taking into account the space you have in your dining/kitchen area, how easy the high chair is to clean and whether or not a high chair that folds for ease of storage is an important feature to you.


In terms of functionality, a wooden high chair has come a long way since its first creation.  Traditionally a static wooden chair was fixed in one position with no means of adjusting the chair as your baby grows, a child would rapidly grow out of a wooden high chair and the wooden high chair would quickly become out-dated, defunct and unsuitable.

Modern wooden high chairs have vastly progressed from the days of the traditional high chair.  In a similar way to a plastic high chair, some wooden high chairs such as the Safetots putaway wooden high chair can now be folded away compactly like most plastic high chairs for ease of storing.  If space is an issue you might want to consider purchasing a high chair that is simple to fold and store.

Plastic high chairs are generally the more light-weight option.  Plastic high chairs are ideal for popping in the car for trips away visiting families and are easier to transport.  For family trips away consider buying a baby booster seat, an alternative small and compact baby seat ideal for popping in the car.

Some plastic high chairs have the added bonus of being able to recline, whilst this is not a necessary function of a high chair, some parents like to use this feature during milk feeds.


Plastic high chairs are generally considered to be better in terms of saving space in the home, as most plastic high chairs such as the Safetots tiny charms compact foldable high chair are lightweight and fold with ease for simply popping in a cupboard.  However some wooden high chairs such as the Safetots putaway folding wooden high chair benefit from the same space saving folding feature.  The Safetots simply stackable is also ideal for families with more than one young child requiring more than one high chair as this design of high chair can be stacked one on  top of another.

Wooden high chairs however generally take up less floor space than more cumbersome plastic high chairs.  Wooden high chairs tend to be smaller and neater in their design and structure and take up less floor space.


Wooden high chairs are now also available in a range of colours including natural wood, black, white and dark wood and many more to match most modern dining furnishings.  Wooden high chairs are often popular with families looking beyond the functionality of a high chair as they are designed to look good in the home and blend in with today’s contemporary kitchen/diners.


Plastic high chairs are often perceived to be easier to clean, but thanks to the fuss free design of today’s contemporary wooden high chairs, they are now much easier to clean in those once hard to access cracks and crevices.  Compatible cushions are either easy to wipe clean or can be cleaned in the washing machine.  Plastic high chairs also often benefit from removable trays that can be dismantled for ease of washing in the dishwasher.


Consider what you really want in a high chair? Will it fit in with your way of life?  do you need to fold your high chair up to store or is it going to become an additional piece of furniture?  Do you need it to recline? Do you require your high chair to grow with your child?

Take a look at the full range of plastic high chairs and wooden high chairs in our website or contact a baby safety equipment specialist for more information on 01438 728888.