A question we are often asked once a wood burner is installed in a home is ‘Will I need a Fire Guard for my wood burner?’  Whilst it is of course personal choice as to whether you choose to install a fire guard, we would always recommend doing so in homes with young children.    

If you do choose to install a log burner guard you may be wondering ‘which is the best fireguard for a wood burner’? and ‘What is the most suitable distance to safely install a wood burner guard’? Multi Panel Fire Surrounds and BabyDan Flex Hearth Gates are popular fire guards for log burners.  The Safetots multi panel surround and the Babydan flex hearth gate are versatile fireguards and one of the best wood burner guards in the UK for log burners.  The multi panel surround and the flex hearth gate are formed of interconnecting fireguard panels enabling you to create a wood burner guard of any size required.  It is therefore possible to install this unique log burner guard at the preferred, safest distance to ensure minimal heat to the steel bars.  The interconnecting log burner panels also enable you to angle each panel to 10 degree increments, enabling you to install a wood burner guard to awkward or unusual log burner hearths or surrounds.  

Fire guards for log burners are becoming increasingly popular in homes with young children, they instantly prevent children from coming into contact with a hot stove. Baby fireguards keep inquisitive babies on the move safer in the home during the winter months.  They securely screw fit to the surrounding wall ensuring if any child comes into contact with the wood burner guard there is no risk of it collapsing.  Safetots multi panel fire surrounds are available in black or white and the simple, steel, industrial structure doesn’t look out of place in today’s modern home. 

There is no recommended distance for installing your log burner guard away from the wood burner.  Many companies suggest a range of distances, however log burners vary in size and heat distribution also varies and it is therefore important to judge an installation distance most suited to your requirements.  To prevent the wood burner guard bars from overheating, it is advised to place the wood burner guard at a suitable distance to ensure the bars refrain from getting too hot.  The Flex guard is the best fireguard for a wood burner as the interconnecting bars enable you to achieve the desired distance.