High chairs that can be pulled up to a dining table, enabling young infants to join in with family meal times are increasingly becoming the most popular choice in high chairs.  Meal times are a chance for the whole family to come together, united at the dining table and table friendly highchairs enable young infants to be seated at the table with the rest of the family and not tucked away in a corner alone.  Most table friendly highchairs are designed to grow with a child, often featuring adjustable seats and footrests and a safety harness that can be adapted easily as a child grows.

Safetots Grow With Me High Chair

The Safetots Grow With Me High Chair is one of the best wooden high chairs, allowing infants to be seated at the table during family meals.  The Grow With Me is a wooden safety high chair, featuring an inter-changeable seat and footrest and the high chair is angled to enable the chair to fit comfortably at the table.  Suitable for children from the age of 6 months, this wooden high chair is the perfect choice for families wanting their children to sit with them at the table and not apart.  This contemporary wooden high chair comes in a range of colours from natural and white, through to grey. Compatible high chair cushions (comfort cushions) can be purchased for additional support and comfort.

Safetots Putaway Folding Wooden High Chair

For parents looking for a space saving, table friendly seating solution for their child, the Safetots Simply Safe folding wooden high chair is ideal.  This wooden highchair with a tray is designed within an A frame that can fold with ease enabling you to pop the chair out or put it away as desired.  A table friendly wooden high chair that has a foldable tray enabling parents to use the high chair independently when needed or brought to the table during family meal times.  A high chair with a flip over feeding tray is the most versatile of table friendly wooden high chairs.  As with most table friendly baby high chairs, the Safetots Simply folding high chair further features a 5 point detachable safety harness, is made from solid, easy to clean wood and comes already assembled for instant use.  The benefit of most table friendly high chairs is that they can be adapted with ease as your child grows.

Safetots Simply Stackable Highchair

The Safetots Simply Stackable high chair is a popular highchair for restaurants and families with twins and triplets.  The benefit of this highchair is in its name, it’s ‘stackable’, the ideal space saving high chair for smaller homes and large businesses.  Safetots Simply Stackable wooden highchairs are strong and durable, simply designed for ease of cleaning and storing, they enable infants to sit with the rest of the family at the table safely and securely.  This high chair features a 3 point safety harness to prevent infants from falling or climbing out of the high chair.

Why choose a wooden high chair over a plastic or steel high chair?

Essentially this is really down to personal choice.  Both types of chairs sold by reputable brands such as Safetots, will have passed all relevant safety standards, so safety should not be a consideration in the choice.  Some parents prefer the ability to wipe clean plastic and steel version with more robust cleaning solutions, which may eventually damage wood.  Many parents feel the wooden high chairs offer greater stability and offer greater durability.  The decision is really based on a combination of budget, style, and features.