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Pressure Or Screw Fitted Stair Gates?

Once children recognise the delight of their hands and feet, it can be extremely difficult to stop them from accessing dangerous places, such as stairs, a large point of curiosity for older babies and young children. While it is impossible for parents to monitor their children 24/7, it can be reassuring that safety products such as stair gates can greatly help with restricting access to dangerous places and are keeping their child safe. While there are so many types available, it is important to find the right one that does the trick for you.


With expert knowledge in ‘child safety gates’ we have listened to our customers over the years and devised a unique STAIR GATE FINDER to enable you to find a safety gate that fits your space perfectly, blends with your home décor and works perfectly in keeping your child safe in the home.


Where can I find the Safetots Stair Gate finder?


Select ‘STAIR GATES’ on the Safetots home page, this will take you to the Safetots range of safety gates.  The Safetots stair gate finder is featured within this page.


There are primarily two types of safety gates: pressure fitted and screw fitted gates. Pressure fitted gates are for those who are very conscious about their home decor. Pressure fitted stair gates don’t require any screws to be fitted and will not leave any marks on your walls, they are simply held by pressure. They can be easily moved away from place to place. These gates are perfect to be used between rooms, but are not recommended for the top of stairwells.


Pressure fitted gates also feature a bottom bar, which can become a tripping hazard. Screw fitted gates can be securely mounted with screws. When properly mounted, these stair gates are very secure and are advised for use at the top of stairwells. These gates don’t present a tripping hazard.


Looking for reliable safety gates?


If yes, then turn to Safetots. We are the leading suppliers of a wide range of stair gates stocked from reputed manufacturers. Our gates have been rigorously tested for quality and safety. They are made from superior quality materials, which means they are extremely durable and exceptionally functional. Our gates are also aesthetically appealing and will accentuate the decor of your home. If you need help with choosing the right stair gate, contact us here.


Safetots also have a useful STAIR GATE FINDER tool to enable you to search with ease in finding the most suitable and safe stair gate for your home.

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Stair Gate Extensions for Large Staircases

Stair gates are needed for when your child starts to crawl and walk around the house, which is usually from seven or eight months old. You will need to put one gate at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top. Stair gate extensions are made to ensure parents can extend their safety gate to the required width.


To help you find a suitable stair gate extension for your safety gate, vist our Safetots STAIR GATE FINDER. Under the search tool 'TYPE' select 'STAIR GATE EXTENSIONS' this will bring up our full range of safety gate extensions.  To narrow your search further simply select the size, colour and brand you require.  Safetots have a wide range of stair gate extensions available from Babydan, Dreambaby, Lindam, Safetots and Bettacare, use our stair gate finder today to find the most suitable and compatible extension for your safety gate.


Types Of Safety Stair Gate


Pressure fit stair gates sit within a fixed “u” shaped frame which is held in place by pressure at four points. Extensions are available for wider doorways. Stair gates can be made of wood or metal. These safety gates are easy to install and don’t leave holes behind as there is no need to drill or screw them to the wall. Additional features such as alarms to signal that a gate hasn’t been shut can also be included.


Screw fit stair gates are fixed to the wall with metal screws. It is a good idea to measure the space where you want to install your gate carefully before buying as you may need extensions. One of the benefits of screw fit gates is that they are very strong and robust. There is no rail at the bottom and no trip hazard.


Retractable stair gates have a mesh barrier that retracts on itself keeping it compact when not in use. This not only means they can help save space but will also fit a wide range of openings both outdoors and indoors. The two sets of mounting brackets will allow you to place the retractable stair gate almost anywhere.


Safetots Extra Tall Fitted Stair Gate


Stair Gate Extensions


Stair gate extensions are a perfect safety gate solution for wider stair openings or for unconventionally shaped spaces around the house. They can be used for both pressure fitted gates and screw fitted safety gates.


For more information about safety stair gates please e-mail customerservice@safetots.co.uk or call +44 1438 728 888



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Stair Gates for Your Three Storey House



Buying a stair gate for any home is an important decision and a key child safety product for ensuring a young child’s safety in the home.  With larger homes such as a three storey home there are more stairwells to make safe and more doorways that need to be child proofed and your investment is larger.  It’s important to ensure you have the right stair gate fitted and with such a wide range to choose , from roller stair gates, wooden stair gates, metal stair gates, extra tall baby gates and screw fitted and pressure fitted gates, deciding on the best stair gate for your home can be daunting.




Stair gates whatever their design, brand and material are designed and built with the ultimate function of dividing a room, creating safe zones for children to sleep and play safely and blocking access to doorways and stairwells.  It’s vital in a three storey home to install stair gates at all levels as more opportunities are present for potential accidents and incidents than there would be in a standard one storey home.


Larger homes with more storeys present greater risks to young children finding their feet, risks that can be prevented by installing stair gates throughout the home.  Fitting baby safety gates is crucial for your three storey house once your child has found their feet as babies from around the age of 6 months start crawling and exploring the wonders of their home and the risks of injury increase.  There are greater opportunities for children to hurt themselves from falls and bumps on the stairs once they start exploring their home environment.




Baby safety gates that can be screwed into walls or handrails (screw fitted gates) are highly recommended for the top of the stairs.  Screw fitted gates provide the strongest, safest solution for the top of the stairs above pressure fitted safety gatesScrew fit gates have no trip bar, they are installed with screws and not pressure and stay stable should your child lean and come into contact with the gate. 


Pressure fitted gates can be used at the top of the stairs if this is the only option, however as pressure can be come released over time if not frequently tested and as they have a potentially hazardous trip bar they are generally not recommended for the top of the stairs.  Pressure fit gates are versatile, ideal gates for most other doorways and stairwells in the home, they can be easily transferred around the home or can be taken with you on visits to grandparents.  These safety baby safety gates are popular baby safe items with many parents as no drilling or screwing is required for installation and there is no lasting damage to walls or door furniture.


Stair gates for awkward stairs can be purchased and there are many stair gate fixings and stair gate accessories to enable you to install gates to most awkward doorways, stairwells and spaces.  Y spindles enable you to fit pressure fit stair gates to round bannisters and bannister installation kits enable you to evenly install a stair gate to a wooden or metal bannister and no drilling or screwing is required.


There are a wide range of safety gate fixings and safety gate accessories to enable you to fix stair gates to awkward stairs and stair gates in awkward spaces.  Safetots have many solutions to making installing a stair gate possible in most spaces large, small and awkward.


Stair gates are the ultimate baby safety item for keeping young children safe in the home, they provide the highest security for keeping children contained in safe zones and preventing them from entering potentially hazardous areas such as the kitchen, top of stairs, a fire place, and the outdoors.  Most stair gates cannot be opened easily by little hands.


Extra tall safety gates are ideal for taller children or for families with pets as they further deter and prevent children and pets from climbing or jumping over the baby safety gate.





Stair gates are one of the best ways to prevent your baby accessing the stairs. All Safetots stair gates including Safetots safety gates, Bettacare safety gates, BabyDan gates, DreamBaby gates, Lascal gates and Lidam gates pressure fitted, screw fitted and retractable are delivered with detailed instructions enabling you to install the gates easily without causing any lasting damage to your walls.




Here at Safetots this is a question we get asked on numerous occasions.  What is the best stair gate? and one with no real answer.  The best stair gate for your home is a safety gate that fits your space perfectly, is the required height and has the required features.  Auto close gates for example will shut automatically once you have entered through the gate.  Most safety gates have a two way opening, ideal for kitchen doorways and room divides.  How a stair gate appears in the home is important to some people, and many parents prefer the look of a wooden stair gate to fit in with their contemporary furnishings.  To other parents and carers, how a stair gate looks in the home is less important and the functionality of a stair gate is top of the list.  A stair gate must fit well, but ultimately it is personal choice as to which gate you choose.  Extra tall safety gates are advised for families with pets, narrow stair gates are available for smaller spaces and room divides are ideal for safely creating zones in the home.


The key to choosing the best stair gate for your home is ensuring you have all your measurements correct.  Make sure you have measured both the top and bottom of the doorway and stairwell taking into account any skirting boards.  Decide if you want a pressure fitted or screw fitted gate and then let Safetots help you find the perfect stairgate for your home.  Take a look at our unique Safetots stair gate finder to help you find the most suitable and compatible stair gate for your home.




Please contact us at Telephone +44 1438 728 888 or CONTACT US and we will get back to your right away.

Or key in all your details with our SAFETOTS STAIR GATE FINDER and let us find the most suitable and compatible gate for you. 

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