As Autumn begins and winter looms, the cold days and evenings start to take over. It is now that fires start to be lit, the heating is switched on and child proofing the home for winter begins!  When you begin child proofing the home it’s important to look at all areas of the that may prove potentially hazardous to young infants. A potential risk that is often overlooked is a ‘hot radiator’. Protecting young children from potential burns from open fires and hot stoves by installing a Fire Surround seems obvious and most parents are quick to install a Fireguard. Whereas the potential bumps and burns infants may acquire should they come into contact with a boiling hot radiator is more often over looked 

Fireguards are vastly available to protect children from open fires and hot stoves and radiator covers are also readily available to enable homes to be heated and infants kept safe. Radiator covers are no longer ugly, solid structures that take up floor space in the home, today there are various, simple, fabric radiator covers available that neatly cover radiators, take up no floor and wall space, radiate heat efficiently and keep cool to the touch.  Padded, fabric radiator covers are the best radiator covers for keeping infants safe from bumps and burns.   

Safetots supply white fabric radiator covers to fit radiators vertical and horizontal.  Size adjustable radiator covers that fit snug to most radiators thanks to the pull tie fastenings in a range of sizes to suit most radiators large and small.  Safetots padded radiator covers, cushion and prevent toddlers from the sharp edges and corners, the 25mm soft padding ensures any harm to infants is vastly reduced should they stumble and fall into a radiator and the heat resistant fabric prevents toddlers from burns. Fabric radiator covers enable 95% of heat to radiate a room, very little heat is lost from covering the radiator and the stretch fabric ensures they are simple to install. 

If your baby or infant has just found their feet, take a quick look around the home, asses the radiators in the rooms they play and sleep and cover where possible to prevent and reduce risks of injury.  Fabric radiator covers are the most energy efficient radiator covers, their clean, simple design looks good and blends in almost unnoticed with the furnishings and furniture of todays’ modern home.