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Travel Safety Gates For Your Holiday

John Cave Jul 04 ,2017 Read 2825 Times



The summer is here and kids summer holidays are looming! As children break up for the summer from pre-school and school for another 6 weeks, you might be thinking about booking that summer holiday or already in the throes of packing to get ready to go on your much longed for planned trip away. As thoughts turn to where to go, what to pack and the facilities offered for children and pets, why not be organised and tick one thing off the list now?


If you are travelling with a baby on the move or an inquisitive toddler choosing the right travel gate for your holiday might be on the top of your list. Safetots have portable gates designed to keep little ones safe and provide parents with peace of mind during adventures outside of the home.




If you currently use a child safety gate at home for your child or pet, then it makes perfect sense to take one with you on holiday. Child safety products can often be forgotten and deemed unnecessary whilst on holiday, however, these are the times when your guard is down and accidents are more likely to happen.


A portable travel gate adds that extra re-assurance that your child or pet is as safe away from home in unfamiliar surroundings as they would be back in the comfort of their own home. Travel gates collapse and fold for ease of travelling and packing in the car or suitcase, they are designed for temporary use at home, ideal for popping up if a friend visits with their dog or great for visits to grandparents and taking with you to holiday homes in the UK or abroad.




Travel stair gates for children are lightweight and versatile, designed to be packable and portable whilst travelling. Safetots travel gates are made from a heavy duty nylon with a see through mesh centre. Made from the highest quality materials the Lindam Flexiguard and the BabyDan Gate to Go can be used in hotels, holiday homes, caravans and as a temporary gate for the home. Travel gates are not designed for every-day use in the home, they simply create a visual barrier and therefore do not feature an opening gate panel, unlike regular wooden or metal, pressure fit gates and screw fit gates.






PRESSURE FITTED:  Pressure fit, nylon frame with mesh centre. Safetots travel gates are pressure fit gates, designed to provide a temporary safety solution without leaving any lasting damage to door frames and walls during your stay. Pressure fit travel gates are simply held in place with the pressure of the four spindles at each corner of the gate.


SIZE:  Safetots travel gates fit spaces 71cm-92cm, a standard doorway opening. Both the Lindam travel gate and the BabyDan travel gate measure a height of 75cm.


LOCKING MECHANISM: The pressure fit handles lock all 4 pressure points into place. Collapse & fold: Travel gates can quickly collapse and fold for ease of packing in the carry bag. Space saving safety gates designed for travelling with ease.


CARRY CASE:  Safetots travel gates come complete with a carry case with a shoulder strap for convenient transportation.


LIGHTWEIGHT:  Travel gates are much lighter than standard safety gates. Made from a lightweight material they are ideal for packing in the case for flights abroad or for popping in the car for more local journeys.


For further information on our travel safety gates, please contact Safetots at: Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB, United Kingdom.


Telephone: +44 (0)1438 728888, email: info@safetots.co.uk

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