Preparing for a trip or holiday can be challenging enough, but when this includes a baby or young child, the task can seem even more daunting. Ensuring you have all that you need for every eventuality can seem endless. 

To assist you in planning for your trip away, Safetots have come up with some top tips and advice for travelling safely with your baby or infant. 

The Journey 

Firstly, think about the journey ahead. Remembering your bags and passports is essential, but what about the endless list of things your infant will need for the journey? Here's a few ‘travelling tips’ to consider before jumping in the car and setting off: - 

Check your infant's car seat. Is your child safely strapped into a child car seat suited and recommended to their age and weight?  It’s important to continually monitor the growth of your child and invest in a new car seat as and when they outgrow their existing car seat.    

Take a carefully packed changing bag. Make sure you have all the essentials packed in your baby changing bag. Be sure to pack a travel change mat, baby wipes, nappies, soothers, muslins, milk, food, drink cups, snacks, toys, teethers, a change of clothes and sick bags for infants and keep sun screen handy if the weather is hot. 

Pack plenty of toys for travel. Car seat organisers enable you to organise your children’s toys, drinks and snacks making everything easy for them to find and making the journey more exciting. Plenty of toys and games will keep children entertained during those long hours on the motorway. 

Make travelling comfortable.  Car sun shades keep the glare of the sun from shining in your child’s eyes, they are simple to fit and easy to remove. You can fit to both side and back windows to help keep your child comfortable whilst they travel.  Pack a travel pillow for comfort and a blanket for keeping children warm.  

Before you set off for your travels it’s important to make sure you have packed appropriately for keeping your child safe on holiday at the destination you have planned. 

Holiday home child safety 

Whether it's the home of a family member you're visiting, a hotel or a villa, don't expect your accommodation to have the same safety features in place as your own home. Wherever you're staying, the likelihood is there'll be a staircase unguarded, doors that can trap little fingers and cupboards that contain sharp or dangerous objects. 

Top Tip: Speak to your travel agent or host and seek advice on how child friendly your holiday home is and whether or not they have features in place for keeping infants safe. 

Keep inquisitive minds from exploring cupboards by packing a few Cabinet Locks & Latches. Choose adhesive or non-permanent fixings such as the Safetots Adhesive Cupboard and Door Locks which can be easily fitted and then removed when your stay is over. Safetots also supply a wide range of packable Door Stops, that simply fit to the top or side of doors, preventing them from being slammed shut and trapping your tot's fingers.  

Bathing your baby or toddler on holiday 

Chances are your accommodation won't have baby bathing facilities that can contain your tot in a safe space while you bathe them. You'll also be less familiar with water temperatures in unfamiliar surroundings and preventing the risk of scolds from hot water is imperative.   

How hot is that water? So many injuries to children are caused by scolds from hot bath water so pack a handy bath thermometer and make sure the temperature is just right.   

Getting your baby or toddler to sleep. The key to successfully getting your baby or toddler to sleep when away on holiday is to recreate the home sleeping environment as best you can. Maintain their usual sleep routine and pack their favourite bedtime toy. Ensure the place you are staying has a cot available, or take a travel cot with you. For children transitioning from cots to bed, a Safetots Mesh Bed Rail may come in handy and can be folded down for easy transportation. 

Top TipPack a bed sheet from their cot that hasn't been washed. Familiar smells will soothe them to sleep.