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Travelling With Infants

Essential Baby Safety Equipment For The Car



Here at Safetots, we offer a wide range of car safety equipment and useful car travel items that will keep children of all ages safe, entertained and comfortable whilst travelling by car.




Here are car travel toddler and baby car safety items and tips you might want to consider to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of your child when travelling by car:


Car Seat Protection Mats – Investing in a car seat protector will help prevent your infant car seat from slipping.  Car protection mats protect your car upholstery from dirt and damage and sometimes have handy storage pockets for your toddler to place treats and toys.


Food & Drinks – Be careful what food and drinks you leave your toddler to eat and drink during journeys.  Food that they might potentially choke on such as grapes and crisps, should be kept for car stop breaks.  Make regular car stops and offer drinks and food at break times to prevent your child from choking whilst travelling.


Baby Back Seat Car MirrorsInfant car mirrors are ideal for being able to see and check on your child in the backseat while driving. Most baby car mirrors fit with a strap around the head rest of back car seat, enabling you to check on your baby whilst they are in a rear facing car seat.  Car mirrors for children enable you to glance behind and see if they are sleeping, or awake and if they are ok and well.  Infant car mirrors provide parents with reassurance whilst driving and are ideal for those long journeys.  Some car mirrors such as The Diono Easy View Backseat Mirror, rotate to 360 degrees and pivot on a ball and socket enabling you to achieve the perfect angle to keep an eye on your child, without having to adjust your rear-view mirror.


Baby On Board Signs – A baby on board sign notifies other drivers that you have a baby or toddler with you in the car.  It encourages other drivers to be more patient and understanding, knowing that you have a baby or toddler on board.





Car Seat Organisers and Car Toy HoldersCar seat organisers and car toy storage boxes enable infants to keep their activities, snacks, drinks and toys in order and carefully stored throughout the journey.


Car seat organisers come in various styles and designs.  Some children’s car seat organisers such as the Diono Stow n Go Backseat Organiser fasten securely to the back of a front car seat and come with plenty of easy to access pockets. The Diono Stow n Go Backseat Organiser is ideal for keeping everything in place and easy to find when you need it.  Alternative designs such as The Babydan Car Caddy Organiser, fits and fastens between seats in the back of the car preventing bottles, cups, toys and other treats from rolling around in the back of your car.  Car tidy organisers are ideal for keeping the car free from clutter, keeping kids entertained as they can access all their favourite things with ease.





Car Sun Shades - You can browse and choose from a variety of car window sun shades. It’s important to protect children from the sun and keep the car at a comfortable temperature. Car sun shades will block most of the heat and glare of the sun and help keep the car cool.  Sunshades for back car windows and car shades for side windows are designed to enable parents to still see through the window taking up only a percentage of the window.


Neck Pillows - For the ultimate comfortable trip, neck supports and neck pillows for toddlers are ideal.  We have all witnessed our child’s head flopping into what appears to be the most uncomfortable position as they fall off to sleep in the car and spend endless minutes trying to find something to prop up their head.  Infant neck supports safely encase and cushion their head enabling them to sleep soundly and comfortably without waking up to a painful neck.  Toddler neck supports also help to keep your child in a more upright, safer position for travelling.


See our colourful and fun range of Infant neck supports by Clevamama, Clippasafe and LittleLife.


Baby body supports Baby body supports are ideal for keeping young babies warm or cool in their baby car seat or pushchair.  Some baby body supports are suitable and compatible with baby car seats and help younger babies to fit safely and snuggly in their seat.  If you have a very young baby, a baby body support will help to keep your baby’s head in place and in a more upright, comfortable position whilst travelling.





Ensure a safe trip for you and your children with car safety equipment for babies and toddlers from Safetots. You can browse many child safety products on our website. If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT US and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

You can also contact us by email at: info@safetots.co.uk or phone: +44 (0)1438 728888


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Jul 11 ,2017



Getting yourself organised and packed to go away on a short weekend trip or holiday can be challenging enough but when there's a baby or toddler in the mix to pack for, the task ahead can seem even more daunting.


To help you plan for your trip away, Safetots have come up with all the top tips and advice you’ll need for travelling safely with your baby or infant.


The Journey

Firstly, think about the journey ahead. Remembering your bags and passports is essential, but what about the endless list of things your infant will need for the journey? Here's a few ‘travelling tips’ to consider before jumping in the car and setting off: -


Check your infant car seats. Is your child safely strapped into a child car seat suited and recommended to their age and weight?  It’s important to continually monitor the growth of your child and invest in a new car seat as and when they outgrow their existing car seat.  Safetots have a wide range of Renolux Serenity Car Seats  and Diono Radian 5 Car Seats suitable from birth to 7 years.  Car seats tried and tested that meet todays recommended safety standards.


Take a carefully packed Changing Bag. Make sure you have all the essentials packed in your baby changing bag. Baby changing bags such as the Diaper Dude Deluxe Messenger have many pockets to ensure all your baby items are organised and easily accessible.  Be sure to pack a travel change mat, baby wipes, nappies, soothers, muslins, milk, food, drink cups, snacks, toys, teethers, a change of clothes and sick bags for infants and keep sun screen handy if the weather is hot.


Pack plenty of toys for travel. Car seat organisers such as the Diono Stow N Go Backseat Organiser and the Babydan Car Caddy Organiser enable you to organise your children’s toys, drinks and snacks making everything easy for them to find and making the journey more exciting.  Plenty of toys and games will keep children entertained during those long hours on the motorway.


Make travelling comfortable.  Car sun shades keep the glare of the sun from shining in your child’s eyes.  Car sun shades are simple to fit and easy to remove, fit to both side and back windows and keep your child comfortable whilst they travel.  Pack a travel pillow for comfort and a travel blanket for keeping children warm.


Before you set off for your travels it’s important to make sure you have packed appropriately for keeping your child safe on holiday at the destination you have planned.


Holiday home child safety

Whether it's the home of a family member you're visiting, a hotel or a villa, don't expect your accommodation to have the same safety features in place as your own home. Wherever you're staying, the likelihood is there'll be a staircase unguarded, doors that can trap little fingers and cupboards that contain sharp or dangerous objects.


Top Tip: Speak to your travel agent or host and seek advice on how child friendly your holiday home is and whether or not they have features in place for keeping infants safe.


Consider packing a portable travel gate such as the Babydan Gate To Go or the Lindam Felxiguard to protect your little one from the dangers of stairs or to restrict their movements to one room.  


Keep inquisitive minds from exploring cupboards by packing a few cabinet locks and cabinet latches. Choose adhesive or non-permanent fixings such as the Clippasafe Mini Multi-Purpose Latches and the Baby Dan Double Cabinet Lock which can be easily fitted and then removed when your stay is over.  Safetots also supply a wide range of packable door stops, that simply fit to the top or side of doors, preventing them from being slammed shut and trapping your tot's fingers. 


Bathing your baby or toddler on holiday

Chances are your accommodation won't have baby bathing facilities that can contain your tot in a safe space while you bathe them. You'll also be less familiar with water temperatures in unfamiliar surroundings and preventing the risk of scolds from hot water is imperative. Here are a couple of products that can overcome these travel problems:


How hot is that water? So many injuries to children are caused by scolds from hot bath water so pack a handy bath thermometer and make sure the temperature is just right.  The Clippasafe Floating Dolphin Bath Temperature Indicator monitors the water temperature indicating via three panels if the water is too hot, cold or just right for your infant.  Alternatively the Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky Temperature Indicator tests the water temperature whilst providing fun at bath time for your infant.


Getting your baby/toddler to sleep on holiday

The key to successfully getting your baby or toddler to sleep when away on holiday is to recreate the home sleeping environment as best you can. Maintain their usual sleep routine and pack their favourite bedtime toy.


Top TipPack a bed sheet from their cot that hasn't been washed. Familiar smells will soothe them to sleep.


If you are travelling by car, you might just have room for a portable travel cot.  Safetots have a wide range of travel cots suitable for babies and infants.  The Safetots Travel Cot features a padded bumper rail and comes complete with mesh sides and a cot mattress to enable your child to sleep or play safely and comfortable on holidays or long weekends away.


Top Tip: Spend a few nights before your trip putting baby down to sleep in their travel cot so they're familiar with sleeping in their new surroundings.


For infants who have progressed from a cot to bed, a travel bed rail such as the Safetots mesh bedrail in White or Natural can be easily packed in the car and provides your infant with protection from rolling out of bed on holiday.  Inflatable bed rails such as the shrunks inflatable bed guards are ideal solutions for travelling with your child.  Shrunks inflatable bed guards conveniently fit beneath any standard sized twin, queen or king bed sheet and are suitable for children from the age of two years up.


If you are travelling abroad with your child, take a look at our blogs on ‘Protecting babies and toddlers in the Sun’ and ‘Holiday sun & swim safety’ and get all the top tips and advice for keeping your children safe in the sun, sea and sand.  


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Jun 22 ,2017

Baby and Toddler Sleeping On Holiday



The first rule to helping your child to sleep on holiday is the same for a baby and a toddler; it is simply to make the environment as similar to their home environment as possible. It is natural for a very young child to feel anxious the first time they are away from their home environment especially at night time. By creating a similar environment to their home you can potentially maintain your child's sleeping patterns and enjoy a peaceful holiday.




  1. TIME ZONES: If travelling to a time zone which is a few hours behind (such as America), adjust your child’s sleeping times a little later for a few days before departing. If going east to Europe try bringing their sleep time forward to help them adjust prior to arriving.  Once you have arrived at your destination it’s advised to switch all family members to the local time zone instantly and when you return home switch them right back into local time.  Adapting to local time zones as quickly as possible will make the transition for your child easier and quicker.


  1. BED TIME: Continue with your child’s bed time routine where possible.  However, as you are on holiday it may not always be possible or necessary to keep to the same bed time routine, familiar items brought from home will enable them to sleep more comfortably in their unfamiliar surroundings.  Pack a favourite night time soft toy or cot mobile, the familiar sights to your child will prove comforting.  Take their sleep sack, blanket and comforter and if possible continue with their same bath time routine.


  1. BATH TIME: By continuing with the same bath songs at bath time and by bathing your child in their familiar bath tub your child may settle better at bed time.  Try bathing your infant in an inflatable bath tub or a travel baby bath tub prior to your holiday and then pack the baby bath tub and take with you on your travels.  If it’s not possible for you to bathe your baby then still endeavour to continue with the same bath time songs and continue with elements of their bath time routine.


  1. CUDDLE NESTS: If you are hiring a travel cot, take with you an unwashed cot sheet or cot bed sheet to provide the familiar smell of sleep time at home. Or for younger babies pack their favourite cuddle nest and place it in the cot.  Cuddle nests such as the Babydan cuddle nest are a multi-functional, portable baby bed which can be taken anywhere, instantly creating a home from home environment at sleep time. Cuddle nests are becoming increasingly popular with young parents in helping with sleep at home, however cuddle nests are soft, lightweight beds for young babies that can be easily transported to any destination.


  1. TRAVEL COTS: If travelling with a car, take with you a spacious, portable travel cot.  Some parents prefer to have the comfort of taking with them a travel cot that they know is clean and spacious and is more familiar to their child.  If space is an issue and you are happy to use the travel cot provided by your holiday home, then consider taking with you travel cot mattress so that you have the guarantee your child is sleeping on a comfortable and clean mattress.  Let your child sleep on the travel cot mattress in the lead up to the holiday to enable your child to become familiar with the mattress and to instill familiar, homely smells within the mattress.


  1. INFLATABLE BEDS: For older babies and toddlers, consider taking with you an inflatable travel bed and make sleep time fun.  Kids love to ‘camp out’ on inflatable beds and sleep time will become more of an adventure than chore.  Similar to a travel cot, allow your child to sleep on the blow up bed in the lead up to your holiday so they are familiar with bed.


  1. MUSIC: A great tip is to put your child to sleep with a soothing CD for a few days prior to leaving for your trip. By playing the same CD at night time on your holiday, your child will recognise it is time for sleep.


  1. SLEEP TENTS: If travelling abroad or taking a holiday in the sun, a light weight UV tent will serve the dual purpose of protecting your child from the sun, as well as providing a place for nap time. For young babies and children, the Nsauk Deluxe pop up UV Sun Tent is the perfect lightweight pop up tent ideal for playing and napping whilst out and about.


The key to enjoying your holiday with your children is to relax and not over stress about bed time routines and sleep times.  Children adapt quickly to their new environment and by taking a few home comforts with you, the transition from home to holiday home will be quicker and easier and your child will be happier.  Adapt to time zones the minute you land and encourage children to sleep from day one at the local time and wake at the local time.  Adapting quickly will help everyone to get the most out of their holiday.  Take with you travel cots and cuddle nests, sleep sacks, bed sheets and blankets and if possible inflatable bath tubs and inflatable beds for older babies and toddlers.  Travel light and pack clever, a happy child makes for a happy holiday.



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Jul 06 ,2017

Top Child Safety Products To Take On Holiday



Holidays are an exciting for families, a time to escape the daily routine, experience new countries and new places and a time for spending quality time together, it’s also a time for parents to ensure the ultimate safety of their children particularly when travelling to hotter climates or unfamiliar environments.


Venturing on holiday can create an air of excitement and a feeling of freedom and a parents’ guard can quickly be let down.  Whist it’s only natural to relax the minute that seat belts on and the cars fully packed as you prepare to set off on holiday, its important not to forget those simple, basic steps you can take in the lead up to your holiday and during your holiday to ensure your child’s safety.


Whilst it’s unlikely your child will come to any harm during your time away, accidents and incidents are more likely to happen in the hot sun, in swimming pools, on balconies and in rooms that are not child friendly.


By following a few simple steps and packing a few basic items, your holiday can be fun and more relaxing in the comfort of knowing your children are safe.




Before you leave for your summer holiday, consider packing a few basic items:




  1. Medical first aid kit – Be prepared at all times for minor injuries whilst out and about with a medical first aid kit, complete with every parents essentials, antiseptic wipes and creams and an abundance of plasters.  
  2. Beach tents – Ideal for keeping kids shaded from the hot sun during peak hours. UV beach tents provide instant shade on the beach, park or perfect for popping up in the garden.
  3. UV swimwear UV swim suits keep babies and children fully protected from the suns harmful rays.  UV suits prevent the need for applying and re-applying sun screen frequently and enable families to relax in the sun knowing their children are playing safely.
  4. Sun screen – The ultimate in skin protection for the whole family.  Sunscreen should be applied frequently to all parts of the body exposed to the sun.  Keeping skin protected can prevent numerous harmful, sometimes deadly skin conditions.
  5. ID Bands – Pack ID bands for your children to wear.  Simple, comfortable wrist straps that enable you to add contact details should your child become lost.  Some ID bands come complete with reflective strips, ideal for nights out and about with your child.
  6. Harness reins & wrist links – Ideal for keeping toddlers and children prone to wandering, close to you.  Harness reins and wrist links for children allow children to walk freely yet limit the distance they can go.
  7. High visibility jackets – Ideal for popping in your bag for days out that quickly turn into darker evenings.  High visibility clothing enables cars, pedestrians and parents to spot infants quickly on darker evenings.
  8. Float suits – Keep children safe in the water with float suits and float aids.  Young children learning to swim benefit from float suits and float aids and are kept safer in open waters and swimming pools.





The sun’s harmful rays can be dangerous and sun damage to the skin could potentially develop into skin cancer.  With the right protection, the source of vitamin D from the sunshine is beneficial, keeping bones strong and skin glowing.  To protect your child from over-exposure to the sun, use child safety products such as UV sun tents. A tent is ideal for use in the garden, beach or park.  Water resistant sun cream with a high UV star rating or UV Protective sun wear inclusive of a UV sun hat with side and back flaps are the best solutions in protecting children from over exposure to the sun.




Guarantee the best child safety whilst your infant plays in the water with Safetots child safety productsSwimming aids enable you to worry less about the dangers water can present to children and child safety products such as float suits and UV sun suits and wet suits for children can take the pressure off parents needing to constantly having to monitor their childs whereabouts and actions playing in the open water.





  1. Travel safety gates – Versatile and suitable for many doorways of various sizes.  Ideal for preventing children from entering kitchens, bathrooms and unsafe outdoor areas.
  2. Bed rails – Inflatable bed rails or travel bed rails enable you to keep your child from falling out of bed onto hard floors.  Some European countries such as Spain and France are known for having tiled floors throughout their accommodation.  Installing a bed rail can prevent children who wake suddenly in the night from falling out of bed onto a hard, cold, tiled floor. 
  3. Temporary door locks and slam stoppers - Door slam stoppers are ideal for popping in the suitcase and taking with you on holiday.  They prevent little hands and fingers from coming to harm in a doorway if shut suddenly.  Temporary door locks and cupboard locks are ideal for fixing to units without causing any lasting damage and keep children safe in and around the holiday home.




Browse online for the top child safety products and have a nice holiday.

For more information please e-mail customerservice@safetots.co.uk or call +44 1438 728 888


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Aug 08 ,2017

Portable Baby Essentials



If you are travelling with a young baby or toddler during the holiday season, staying with friends or visiting family, you might well have started to think about all the portable/travel baby items you need to take with you to ensure your child is comfortable and your time away from home easier.


Safetots have a wide range of portable, packable baby and toddler products designed for holidaying with a young family.  From inflatable bath tubs and travel stair gates through to travel changing mats and the highchair alternative, portable baby booster seats.  Safetots have many baby and toddler compact travel products for keeping your young family safe and comfortable whilst away from the home.


Portable Potties: If you are in the throes of toilet training with your young toddler, the last thing you want to do is stop the transition and erase all your hard work just because you are venturing away from the home.  Safetots have disposable and foldable potties by Comfydo, designed for packing in your bag and popping up at a moments notice, ideal for long car journeys or for days out and about.  Portable potties take away the stress of finding a toilet the moment your child unexpectedly announces they need the toilet and they need to go ‘now’!!   


Safetots portable potties come complete with disposable liners and a carry case for ease of travelling.  Toilet trainer seats are also ideal for packing in the back of the car and taking with you on your travels, lightweight and compact these portable toilet seats simply pop onto an adult toilet, enabling little people to sit like a grown up without falling bottom first into the toilet.


Travel cots, bed rails and Inflatable toddler beds: Baby travel cots and portable inflatable beds for toddlers enable your child to sleep comfortably away from home.  Complete with travel bags for ease of travelling, portable travel cots and toddler travel beds fold into a portable, manageable size for ease of packing the car. Safetots have a wide range of portable travel cots and travel beds plus portable bed rails for older toddlers and young children, designed to prevent children from falling out of their bed at home or away. 


Mesh bed rails and inflatable bed rails are the lightweight, compact travel bed guard solution designed for home or away.  As mesh bed rails come complete with their own carry bag, fold with ease for times when not in use and save on space when stored away, they are often the preferred portable bed rail for enabling children to sleep safe in their bed on holiday. Portable bedrails can be stored away easily if left at a Grandparents house and then pulled out with ease whenever the kids come round.


Portable baby bath: Safetots also stock a range of portable bath accessories such as the inflatable safety duck bath by Munchkin, ideal when deflated for popping in your case, yet fun for baby when inflated as they get to sit in a giant duck.  The Munchkin inflatable safety duck tub also features a temperature indicator which lets you know when the water is too hot and unsuitable for your child.


Booster seats: Booster seats and travel booster seats are an ideal high chair alternative for feeding your child on holiday.  Baby booster seats simply strap safely and securely to a standard dining room chair, enabling your child to join in with family mealtimes.  Much smaller in size than a baby high chair, baby booster seats are again lightweight, small seating solutions for taking with you on family holidays.


Portable safety gate: Portable safety gates keep your little one safe out of their home environment, they come complete with their own carry case and shoulder strap for ease of travelling, and pop up and fold down with ease when needed.  Travel safety gates provide a great temporary room divide for stays away with family members or for holiday homes as no drilling or screwing is required and no lasting damage made.


Pop it in the changing bag: You might also consider packing in your baby changing bag a travel roll and go baby changing mat, a travel first aid kit, a pack of portable potty liners and temporary locks and latches for doors and windows that leave no lasting damage to furniture.


Safetots portable travel items for babies and toddlers are designed with parents and children in mind, to make your journey and vacation with young children possible, safer, easier and stress free. 

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Jul 03 ,2017

Must have items when travelling with Children

When travelling with your little one there are so many things that you need to consider just to travel, whether it be in a car, plane or train.  Below we have suggestions on products that will make your child comfortable and less fussy whilst you travel.


Car seat neck supports

We stock car seat supports for your baby, to make them extra comfortable and allowing them to sleep better and let you concentrate on your journey. We have a Red Castle soft 2-in-1 head hugger which provides baby with a more comfortable ride when seated in the car seat. The head hugger reduces the size of the car seat so baby can sit more relaxed and their head and neck is more supported. After a few months and baby grows bigger, the inner cushion can be removed to continue to provide a comfortable and supportive ride.  There are slots for the harness straps and is machine washable.


Red Castle 2-in-1 Head Hugger We also have the Babymoov fresh anatomical cushion which is a universal and ergonomic headrest that provides support to baby's head and gives optimal comfort for newborn babies. The cushion is made with visco-elastic memory foam that avoids pressure on baby's head and the jersey and honeycombed micro air permeable materials constantly provides perfect temperature regulation. The padded edges maintain the dorsal position and this anatomical cushion can be used on a baby bouncer, swing, car seat or carry cot, making it versatile and handy so that you do not have to carry different cushions and blankets.



Babymoov Fresh Anatomical Cushion Snack Catchers Snack catchers are handy containers to put your child's snack in when travelling and are specially designed so that the snack does not fall out so you don't need to worry when your child is having snack time in the car or anywhere else.  These are great for children learning to eat independently and they can be filled with their favourite snack. The munchkin snack catchers are available in different colours and feature soft flaps on the lid for easy access with special 'finger cleaning' bumpsMunchkin Snack Catcher The Oxo Tot snack disc features a curved shape, low profile, and non-slip base.  The 180 ml snack disk is designed for little hands and keeps snacks contained whilst they eat.




Oxo Tot Snack Disc Neck Pillows These are great for young children to support their neck on long journeys.  When children fall asleep whilst sitting down, their neck tends to loll forward or to the side, with a neck pillow they can sleep comfortably and without leaning on anyone or getting neck cramps. Skip Hops neck rests are made of soft, plush velour and come in a variety of different animal designs.



Skip Hop Neck Rest The Dreambaby inflatable neck cushion is made of soft, polar fleece and can be inflated to two sizes, making this perfect for babies and toddlers.



Diono Car Shades Car shades protect your little ones from annoying glares from the sun which in turn upsets your child and turns the car ride into a nightmare.  They also protect the kids from harmful UV rays and are very easy to attach. Dreambaby adjustable car shades come in different sizes and in cute designs with tigers and zebras.  The length is adjustable and can be rolled up when you don't need it.


Dreambaby Adjustable Car Shade Clippasafe also do car shades which are easy to put up and can also be taken off and folded and stored in a bag provided.  They come in cute designs of cartoon dogs.


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Jul 12 ,2016