A play den is one of the most useful baby safe items designed to keep babies and toddlers safe inside or outside of the home. Ideal for popping baby in at a moments notice, when the doorbell rings, the cooker calls, or quite simply as a safe and secure play zone for your baby.


Choosing whether or not to buy a play den for your baby or toddler is completely personal choice.  For some parents safety gates and room dividers provide enough safety for their child to play safe at home without the need for a play den.  Other families like the flexibility and freedom a play den provides, particularly lightweight fabric play dens that can be transferred from room to room with ease.  Play dens provide an instant safe zone for your baby or toddler, they can be formed of solid, metal or wooden bars or made of foldable lightweight fabric for ease of travelling (taking to the grandparents or on holiday) and ease of mobility around the home.


Choosing the best play den for you and your child will depend on how and where you intend to use it.  If you want a playden that is simple and sturdy, contemporary in design, lightweight and portable and takes up minimal space once packaged up, then the Safetots Deluxe Fabric Round Playden or the Safetots Deluxe Fabric Hexagon Playden are perfect solutions.  If you want a play den that is solid in structure then there are many styles available in wood and metal with compatible play mats, designed to provide additional safety and comfort for babies and toddlers.  Multifunctional play dens benefit from providing more than one function in the home, they can continue to be useful way beyond the toddler, playd

en days.

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Multi functional play pens

Playdens that are made up of individual panels that connect together are one of the best baby safety investments and ultimately one of the best playdens.  Having more than one function, ensures your playden can be put to full use, saving you money and storage.  When there is no longer the need for a play den, Safetots multifunctional play dens can be converted to a safety gate, room divider, hearth gate or a pet den.  Panels come a range of sizes enabling you to add panels and remove panels as desired for secondary use.  Multi use play dens are available in white metal, black metal and wood.  To convert a multi-panel play den into a room divide or a stair gate, you simply need to purchase a wall mounting kit.


fabric play pen

Fabric play dens are the lightweight, minimal option, ideal for taking with you on holiday, taking to the grandparents or a comfort option for the home.  The Safetots Deluxe Fabric playdens are made from strong and durable fabric yet provide a soft, comfortable play safe zone for infants.  Being the lighter weight option, these fabric playdens feature suction cups at the base of the play den, ensuring the ultimate stability and safety if used on a solid wood or tiled floor.  There are no sharp edges with these fabric play dens, they provide the most comfortable and safe play zone particularly for very young children.


A play den is ideal for use indoors and out.  Popping up a play den in the garden enables you and your child to enjoy the summer months safely.  Creating an area your child can play, filled with favourite toys enables you to enjoy the garden or work through those garden chores in the comfort of knowing your child is safe.  Play dens enable your young child to be with you safely indoors and out, they are particularly great for mischievous toddlers that find it impossible to stay still for even one moment, or a crawling baby who has just discovered there’s a much bigger world out there to explore.


A child should never be left for long periods of time unsupervised in a play den.  For your child’s safety it is recommended that you check them frequently to ensure their well-being.

Make sure any toys and books are safe and avoid putting in items they can potentially climb onto and hurt themselves.

All Safetots Play Dens have been tried and tested to ensure they meet todays required safety standards.