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Plastic or Wooden High Chairs?


High chairs are designed to make feeding your baby at a comfortable height possible and to enable your child to eat with you at the family meal table once they are able to sit in an upright position safely and confidently.


High chairs today come in a variety of shapes and sizes with various functionalities, made from wood or plastic, but each high chair or baby booster seat is ultimately designed to enable children to eat and sit comfortably at the same height as adult seating during meal times.




The debate between wooden high chairs and plastic high chairs has been one that has been around for many years. However, we believe the decision between choosing a plastic high chair or a wooden high chair is simply one of personal preference.  Ultimately the most important things to look for in a high chair are safety and functionality.  Consider also how a high chair will work for you in your home taking into account the space you have in your dining/kitchen area, how easy the high chair is to clean and whether or not a high chair that folds for ease of storage is an important feature to you.




In terms of functionality, a wooden high chair has come a long way since its first creation.  Traditionally a static wooden chair was fixed in one position with no means of adjusting the chair as your baby grows, a child would rapidly grow out of a wooden high chair and the wooden high chair would quickly become out-dated, defunct and unsuitable.  


Modern wooden high chairs have vastly progressed from the days of the traditional high chair.  Today, many wooden high chairs such as the Babydan danchair high chair are multi-functional and come complete with an adjustable footrest and adjustable seat that enables your child sit comfortably as they grown from baby to toddler through to a young child.


In a similar way to a plastic high chair, some wooden high chairs such as the Safetots simply safe folding wooden high chair can now be folded away compactly like most plastic high chairs for ease of storing.  If space is an issue you might want to consider purchasing a high chair that is simple to fold and store.


Plastic high chairs are generally the more light-weight option.  Plastic high chairs are ideal for popping in the car for trips away visiting families and are easier to transport.  For family trips away consider buying a baby booster seat, an alternative small and compact baby seat ideal for popping in the car.


Some plastic high chairs have the added bonus of being able to recline, whilst this is not a necessary function of a high chair, some parents like to use this feature during milk feeds.





Plastic high chairs are generally considered to be better in terms of saving space in the home, as most plastic high chairs such as the Safetots tiny charms compact foldable high chair are lightweight and fold with ease for simply popping in a cupboard.  However some wooden high chairs such as the Safetots simply safe folding wooden high chair benefit from the same space saving folding feature.  The Safetots simply stackable is also ideal for families with more than one young child requiring more than one high chair as this design of high chair can be stacked one on  top of another.


Wooden high chairs however generally take up less floor space than more cumbersome plastic high chairs.  Wooden high chairs tend to be smaller and neater in their design and structure and take up less floor space.




Wooden high chairs are now also available in a range of colours including natural wood, black, white and dark wood and many more to match most modern dining furnishings.  Wooden high chairs are often popular with families looking beyond the functionality of a high chair as they are designed to look good in the home and blend in with today’s contemporary kitchen/diners. 




Plastic high chairs are often perceived to be easier to clean, but thanks to the fuss free design of today’s contemporary wooden high chairs, they are now much easier to clean in those once hard to access cracks and crevices.  Compatible cushions are either easy to wipe clean or can be cleaned in the washing machine.  Plastic high chairs also often benefit from removable trays that can be dismantled for ease of washing in the dishwasher.      





Consider what you really want in a high chair? Will it fit in with your way of life?  do you need to fold your high chair up to store or is it going to become an additional piece of furniture?  Do you need it to recline? Do you require your high chair to grow with your child?


Take a look at the full range of plastic high chairs and wooden high chairs in our baby essentials section of our website or contact a baby safety equipment specialist for more information on 01438 728888.



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High Chairs Jul 04 ,2017

Baby Carriers let you enjoy summer activities safely



Sometimes it is not always practical to take a pushchair with you when you go out and about with your baby or toddler, which can often lead to aching arms and bad backs from carrying even the lightest child.  Back carriers are ideal for families who enjoy active holidays, they enable families to venture into long rambles where the terrain may not be suitable for a pushchair, for families who enjoy serious trekking or simply for parents who like to take short walks through the fields and country.


More than just a way to transport your child, baby back carriers are safety essentials that can have surprising benefits for your infant.  Not only does a baby carrier encourage emotional and physical strength in your child, but using a baby carrier to hold or transport your baby enables you to be more comfortable while completing everyday activities or enjoying active days out.  Back carriers come in a range of designs, some with minimal features and others with much more extensive features, designed to make carrying your child out and about on terrain unsuitable for pushchairs possible and more comfortable and enjoyable.  


Back carriers enable you to have your arms free, they are a natural transition from a baby front carrier when a child becomes too big to carry in a front carrier safely and comfortably.




There are two types of child back carriers, framed and unframed.  Framed back carriers tend to be made of tougher fabric, bulkier than a non-framed back carrier, yet provide the ultimate support and stability for families serious about days out walking with their toddler.  With framed back carriers such as the Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier a child sits higher in the saddle and they have additional features such as breathable back panels, storage pockets, sunshades, viewing mirrors and stirrups to let your little ones rest their legs.  Features and benefits vary between back carriers.  Non-framed baby carriers tend to be lightweight and more basic in their design.  A child sits lower in a non-framed baby carrier and as their weight is less evenly distributed they can be the less comfortable option and more suited to short walks as oppose to long rambles.  It’s important once you have the carrier fitted properly to ensure the weight is evenly distributed to the lower back and hips and not the shoulders.


Comfort to you and your child is essential, however, it’s also important to consider how you intend to use your back carrier, for days out locally or for weeks away in the country and to establish what you need from your back carrier.  How important are their additional features and is the lightweight, frameless design more suited to your lifestyle than the framed, more expensive designs with all the bells and whistles.  See below features to consider before purchasing a child back carrier.




TYPE: Child back carriers vastly range in style, size and price, more basic child carriers such as the Littlelife Ranger Child Carrier and the Littlelife Ultralight Convertible S3 Carrier are more suited to short walks and trips out with your little one.  More complex child back carriers such as the LittleLife Voyager S3 Carrier and the Thule Sapling Child Carrier are designed for the more serious walker and longer days out.


ANCHOR POINT: A back carrier with an anchor point feature enables you to place your foot onto the base of the carrier as an ‘anchor’ for better stability when placing your child into the backpack.


ADJUSTABLE BACK LENGTH: A back carrier with an adjustable back length is ideal for parents wishing to share the back carrier, adapting to fit parents between 5ft and beyond 6ft.


STORAGE POCKETS: Some people prefer lots of pockets for ease of carrying all the baby/toddler essentials without having to take with them an additional bag.  Others prefer a child carrier with minimal features and few pockets.


WEIGHT: Consider the weight of the back carrier before your child is seated in it.  A lightweight back carrier may be more suitable and easier to transport your child than a heavier back carrier.  Remember your child is only going to get heavier.


SUNSHADES & RAIN COVERS: A child back carrier with built in sunshade is ideal for holidays abroad in hotter climates.  A built in sun shade pops up with ease when needed and can be popped back into the carrier when no longer required.  Back carriers with built in rain covers are also ideal for keeping your child sheltered from the rain at a moments notice.


BREATHABLE: A back carrier with a breathable mesh back is ideal for back ventilation and keeping you cool for long days out when you will be wearing your back carrier for many hours.  


HIP BELT: All back carriers feature hip belts.  A back carrier with a padded, adjustable hip belt will provide additional comfort than others without this feature.  Take a closer look at the hip belt and ensure that it will not dig in to you potentially causing discomfort.


BUILT IN BACKPACK: Some child carriers feature a removable backpack.  A child back carrier with a removable back pack enables you to pack for the day without having to take an additional bag with you and figure out how you can carry it.  When you stop for a break and remove the carrier, you can zip off/remove the attached back pack and go about your day.


There are many questions asked when purchasing a child carrier for the first time.  Many people wonder what age a child carrier goes up to.  There is no age limit to most child carriers, as each child develops differently at different stages, it is more important to consider a child’s weight as apose to their age.  Many back carriers will state the recommended age for use.  Another common question is ‘can I wash my back carrier’? Most back carriers are detachable from their metal frame and can be easily popped in the washing machine for cleaning.  It is advised with back carriers, in order to retain the strength and durability of the fabric, to not use fabric softner during washing.


The most commonly asked question we find here at Safetots is ‘What is the best child back carrier’? We always advise our customers that there is no ‘best child back carrier’, it really is personal choice, what works for one person will not work and be suitable for another.  We do also advise that Safetots have sourced some of the best child carriers from well-known credible brands such as BushBaby, LittleLife, Osprey and Thule, lightweight, durable back carriers designed for comfort and ease of carrying your child.  Safetots have a wide range of back carriers from small back carriers more suited to short walks and days out locally through to large back carriers designed for longer walks and serious trekking.


Take a look at the full range of child safety products including our full range of baby carriers at Safetots.co.uk or call us on 01438 728888.


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Back Carriers Jul 05 ,2017

Child safety tips from Safetots

Although the home is often considered to be the safest place for children, there are several dangers within it that are often overlooked. The dangers can be life threatening or cause severe injuries leading to permanent disabilities. Each year numerous children suffer from fatal injuries that could have been easily avoided by taking just a few simple measures. The most common cause of accidents leading to death and injury are fires and falls. The moment your children start to find delight in his hands and feet, it becomes extremely vital for you to start preparing to prevent him from deadly falls and potentially fatal fires, etc. Study has shown that every year about 390,000 children are taken to the hospital resulting from a fall.



The best place to go to for all safety solutions is Safetots. We are market leading specialists of child safety products and source our products from most sought after brands like BabyDan, Bettacare, Lindam, etc. All our products are rigorously tested and comply with all safety standards including EN 1930:2000. Child safety products are manufactured using superior quality materials and are extremely durable, functional and trendy.



Installing stair gates is the best way to prevent your baby from having dangerous falls. Safetots stocks an array of these safety gates that can suit any of your home decor. You can find both pressure and screw fitted gates, which come in various styles like extra tall, unique space, hands free and travel safety gates. Fireplaces are often attractive for children and can lead to potential hazards. The best solution to detour them will be to use fireguards from Safetots. Our fireguards are not only protective, but also make excellent decorative pieces.



To know more about our child safety products contact us at Safetots experts at Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0)1438 728888, email: info@safetots.co.uk

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Childproofing Jun 27 ,2017

Child proof ready for the summer



Sun protection is more important than ever, especially for young children as they are often exposed, for lengthy periods, to the sun’s rays during endless hours spent playing outdoors. Without the appropriate sun protection there can be some serious risks to a child’s health from spending extensive time in the sun. Aside from the visible dangers of sunburn, over exposure from the sun’s harmful rays can also affect a child’s eyes and immune system.


While this can be a worry, ‘prevention’ is the ultimate solution in protecting your children from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the hot summer months.


Safetots have a wide range of sun and swimwear for children designed to keep them safe in the sun and water, enabling them to have fun in the sun whilst providing parents with peace of mind as they play in the hot outdoors. Safetots are home to a wide range of kids sun and swim products, designed to provide the ultimate in sun and swim safety, from beach shoes, Sun hats and UV protective sun wear to float suits, wet suits and many more swimming aids for children. There are many other sun safety solutions available thanks to Safetots wide range of child Sun Tents for keeping children shaded during peak sun hours at the beach or park and Sun Umbrellas, ideal for popping up anywhere whilst out and about with children. Safetots stock superior quality products that will prevent harmful UV sun rays from penetrating your child’s skin that may potentially cause lasting damage and illness in their adult life.


Some of Safetots leading brands include Konfidence and Jakabel, their great range of wet suits, UV jackets and float suits are specially designed for children to provide the ultimate sun protection and safety during play whilst in and out of the water.


Sun protective hats are an essential summer item of a child’s wardrobe in preventing sun related illnesses such as sun stroke, often caused from overexposure of the sun to the back of the neck and head. Sun hats are the ultimate child safety product when it comes to minimising intense sun exposure. Safetots have a variety of sun hats that are not only protective, but also come in a variety of fun designs, styles and colours aimed at children. Safetots sun hats are made from lightweight and comfortable UV50+ materials that offer a great level of comfort and maximum protection in the sun and water.  Given the potential harm caused by excessive sun exposure, Safetots sunhats are ideal for protecting tender little heads and are an essential part of every child’s summer wardrobe.


To explore our full range of child safety products contact us at Safetots Unit 7, The Orbital Centre, Gunnels Wood Road Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2NB United Kingdom, Telephone: +44 (0)1438 728888, email: info@safetots.co.uk

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Sun Safety Jun 28 ,2017

Find the Perfect Bed Rail

Bed rails are an important addition to a child’s first bed and are a critical part of the bed’s safety.Toddlers are used to the sides of the crib, which protects them from falling while they are asleep. When you transition them from a crib to a bed, they are still prone to move to the sides and since these beds are unprotected, it can result in your toddler having a fall.Even though your toddler’s bed is low to the ground, it’s best to avoid falls altogether. Falls not only interrupt sleep but are also a safety concern.The best way to prevent a restless sleeper from tumbling out of bed will be to use bed rails. To increase your child’s safety, finding the perfect bed guard is highly essential. If you’re struggling with finding the best one, then turn to Safetots.


Bed Rail Collections


Safetots are leading suppliers of all child safety devices. We source our products from renowned manufacturers, which means you needn’t worry about quality, functionality and durability.Our bed rails are available in a host of different styles, models, materials and finishes. At Safetots you can get both single as well as double bed rails. We even have extra wide bed rail that can cover extra wide beds. All our bed rails are designed to fit most beds. They come in a range of captivating themes and colours so you can be sure your kids will love to be surrounded by these devices feeling happy and comfortable in their new bed. They have excellent locking mechanisms and offer high levels safety and security .Our rails are extremely lightweight and can be installed easily.


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Bed Rails Mar 03 ,2017

Keep your Pets Downstairs with Stair Gates

Although your pet is your wonderful and beloved friend, dogs and cats can also get into all kinds of mischief with ease which can sometimes have unpleasant consequences. Pets, particularly dogs and cats, if left to their own devices can create lots of mess, and no-one likes dirty paw prints on their gleaming clean kitchen floor! The answer? Block off the areas you do not want your pets to enter with a pet safety gate.  Safetots have a range of pet gates from a standard size pet gate through to extra tall pet gates for larger dogs which will keep your pet contained safely in your designated area.


To find the perfect pet gate for your home, visit our Safetots STAIR GATE FINDER, key in your measurements and simply let us do the work in finding the most suitable pet gate for you.  


Our stair gate finder enables you to key in your measurements, select the type of gate you require whether it be wooden or metal, it also enables you to narrow down your search further by making selections based on the height of gate you require, the colour, brand and any specific required gate features. 


Restrict Access to Your Pets with Stair Gates

Installing a pet gate restricts your pet to certain areas of your home.  By creating zones your pet can and can't enter, entertaining guests is easier, pets are contained in a safe and comfortable zone, valuables are kept safe from nibbling pets and your houe can have pet free, clean, tidy zones.


Stair Gates from Safetots

At Safetots we have a wide range of safety gates suitable for children and pets, designed to keep pets and animal safe in the home.  As leaders in child safety products including our range of home safety essentials we also supply safety gates from the best brands in child safety including Dreambaby and Babydan, we are confident we are offering quality, durability and functionality in all our safety gates. Safetots safety gates are available in a range of  sizes, available in wood, metal and mesh.


Safetots stair and safety gates are made from robust materials preventing your pet or child from knocking them down easily.  Most Safetots safety gates are compatible with gate extensions, enabling you to make your own gate configuration. Safetots also stock extra tall gates, which will prevent larger dogs from jumping over.


If you are looking for the best solution to restrict access to your pets, then use our Safetots stairgate finder here at Safetots. To explore our collections, contact Safetots today.

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Stair Gates Jan 26 ,2017

Essential Baby Safety Equipment

Once you baby starts to crawl, a few things may be attractive to them that will stir their curiosity but may not always be safe to encounter. It is important at this point to baby proof your home in order to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening.

The right baby safety equipment could be the only way to restrict your baby to a limited place. To stop your children from reaching certain rooms and also touching dangerous items that can harm them; baby proof your home from a child’s perspective. Think of the world at their eye level and consider all the risks they may encounter. This way you can easily identify all the child safety products that your home will need.

Safetots provide an extensive range of products which are suitable for a range of hazards including fire safety equipment. To safeguard your little ones against this danger you can install item such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, escape ladders, fire blankets and other fire safety related accessories.

Must Have Baby Safety Equipment

There are numerous possibilities where your babies at home can meet certain injuries like little fingers getting trapped in doors or falling down stairs. Install stair gates and door stops in order to avoid all kinds of threats to their enjoyment of crawling around the house. Safetots have hand-picked and compiled an extensive stock of child safety products for cautious parents.


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Childproofing Feb 24 ,2017

Pressure Or Screw Fitted Stair Gates?

Once children recognise the delight of their hands and feet, it can be extremely difficult to stop them from accessing dangerous places, such as stairs, a large point of curiosity for older babies and young children. While it is impossible for parents to monitor their children 24/7, it can be reassuring that safety products such as stair gates can greatly help with restricting access to dangerous places and are keeping their child safe. While there are so many types available, it is important to find the right one that does the trick for you.


With expert knowledge in ‘child safety gates’ we have listened to our customers over the years and devised a unique STAIR GATE FINDER to enable you to find a safety gate that fits your space perfectly, blends with your home décor and works perfectly in keeping your child safe in the home.


Where can I find the Safetots Stair Gate finder?


Select ‘STAIR GATES’ on the Safetots home page, this will take you to the Safetots range of safety gates.  The Safetots stair gate finder is featured within this page.


There are primarily two types of safety gates: pressure fitted and screw fitted gates. Pressure fitted gates are for those who are very conscious about their home decor. Pressure fitted stair gates don’t require any screws to be fitted and will not leave any marks on your walls, they are simply held by pressure. They can be easily moved away from place to place. These gates are perfect to be used between rooms, but are not recommended for the top of stairwells.


Pressure fitted gates also feature a bottom bar, which can become a tripping hazard. Screw fitted gates can be securely mounted with screws. When properly mounted, these stair gates are very secure and are advised for use at the top of stairwells. These gates don’t present a tripping hazard.


Looking for reliable safety gates?


If yes, then turn to Safetots. We are the leading suppliers of a wide range of stair gates stocked from reputed manufacturers. Our gates have been rigorously tested for quality and safety. They are made from superior quality materials, which means they are extremely durable and exceptionally functional. Our gates are also aesthetically appealing and will accentuate the decor of your home. If you need help with choosing the right stair gate, contact us here.


Safetots also have a useful STAIR GATE FINDER tool to enable you to search with ease in finding the most suitable and safe stair gate for your home.

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