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Pressure Or Screw Fitted Stair Gates?

Once children recognise the delight of their hands and feet, it can be extremely difficult to stop them from accessing dangerous places, such as stairs, a large point of curiosity for older babies and young children. While it is impossible for parents to monitor their children 24/7, it can be reassuring that safety products such as stair gates can greatly help with restricting access to dangerous places and are keeping their child safe. While there are so many types available, it is important to find the right one that does the trick for you.


With expert knowledge in ‘child safety gates’ we have listened to our customers over the years and devised a unique STAIR GATE FINDER to enable you to find a safety gate that fits your space perfectly, blends with your home décor and works perfectly in keeping your child safe in the home.


Where can I find the Safetots Stair Gate finder?


Select ‘STAIR GATES’ on the Safetots home page, this will take you to the Safetots range of safety gates.  The Safetots stair gate finder is featured within this page.


There are primarily two types of safety gates: pressure fitted and screw fitted gates. Pressure fitted gates are for those who are very conscious about their home decor. Pressure fitted stair gates don’t require any screws to be fitted and will not leave any marks on your walls, they are simply held by pressure. They can be easily moved away from place to place. These gates are perfect to be used between rooms, but are not recommended for the top of stairwells.


Pressure fitted gates also feature a bottom bar, which can become a tripping hazard. Screw fitted gates can be securely mounted with screws. When properly mounted, these stair gates are very secure and are advised for use at the top of stairwells. These gates don’t present a tripping hazard.


Looking for reliable safety gates?


If yes, then turn to Safetots. We are the leading suppliers of a wide range of stair gates stocked from reputed manufacturers. Our gates have been rigorously tested for quality and safety. They are made from superior quality materials, which means they are extremely durable and exceptionally functional. Our gates are also aesthetically appealing and will accentuate the decor of your home. If you need help with choosing the right stair gate, contact us here.


Safetots also have a useful STAIR GATE FINDER tool to enable you to search with ease in finding the most suitable and safe stair gate for your home.

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Safety Gates and Window Locks

Caring for an active child who is curious about their environment can be challenging. At Safetots, we provide child safety essentials, such as safety gates and window locks that enable you to keep your child in a safe environment and to prevent them from straying into potentially hazardous areas.


With such a large range of pressure fit, screw fit and retractable stair gates on the market to choose from, the task of sourcing the most suitable and compatible child safety gate, pet gate or stair gate for your space can sometimes prove challenging.


As leaders in the child safety industry, and with expert knowledge in ‘child safety gates’ we have listened to our customers over the years and devised a unique SAFETOTS STAIR GATE FINDER to enable you to find a safety gate that fits your space perfectly, blends with your home décor and works perfectly in keeping your child safe in the home.


High-Quality Safety Gates

There are two three different types of safety gates available, screw fitted, pressure fitted and retractable safety gates.  Screw fitted safety gates are perfect for the top of staircases, which can be hazardous for children, strong and robust they provide the strongest solution in preventing your child from toppling down the stairs.  Screw fitted stair gates have no trip bar, another key reason for installing a screw fitted gate to the top of your stairs. For the bottom of the stairs, kitchen doorways and the bathroom area, pressure fit safety gates, screw fitted safety gates and retractable gates are suitable. At Safetots you will find some of the best safety gates on the market. Our high-quality safety gates will give you peace of mind as you go about your day and help to keep your children out of harm’s way.



A Safer Home With Window Locks And Safety Gates

During the warmer, summer months, windows are often left open for ventilation and children may become curious as to what is outside of the window.  To prevent potential accidents or injuries consider your window safety in the home.  Fit child proof locks and latches to prevent them from opening windows to a dangerous level, Safetots have a range of white window locks which prevent children opening the window too widely or transparent adhesive window locks compatible with sliding doors.



Safetots are experts in child safety, and with our high-quality safety gates and window locks, you can make your home a much safer place for your child.


For more information about our child safety products email info@safetots.co.uk or call 01438 728 888

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Stair Gates Feb 20 ,2017

Stair Gate Extensions for Large Staircases

Stair gates are needed for when your child starts to crawl and walk around the house, which is usually from seven or eight months old. You will need to put one gate at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top. Stair gate extensions are made to ensure parents can extend their safety gate to the required width.


To help you find a suitable stair gate extension for your safety gate, vist our Safetots STAIR GATE FINDER. Under the search tool 'TYPE' select 'STAIR GATE EXTENSIONS' this will bring up our full range of safety gate extensions.  To narrow your search further simply select the size, colour and brand you require.  Safetots have a wide range of stair gate extensions available from Babydan, Dreambaby, Lindam, Safetots and Bettacare, use our stair gate finder today to find the most suitable and compatible extension for your safety gate.


Types Of Safety Stair Gate


Pressure fit stair gates sit within a fixed “u” shaped frame which is held in place by pressure at four points. Extensions are available for wider doorways. Stair gates can be made of wood or metal. These safety gates are easy to install and don’t leave holes behind as there is no need to drill or screw them to the wall. Additional features such as alarms to signal that a gate hasn’t been shut can also be included.


Screw fit stair gates are fixed to the wall with metal screws. It is a good idea to measure the space where you want to install your gate carefully before buying as you may need extensions. One of the benefits of screw fit gates is that they are very strong and robust. There is no rail at the bottom and no trip hazard.


Retractable stair gates have a mesh barrier that retracts on itself keeping it compact when not in use. This not only means they can help save space but will also fit a wide range of openings both outdoors and indoors. The two sets of mounting brackets will allow you to place the retractable stair gate almost anywhere.


Safetots Extra Tall Fitted Stair Gate


Stair Gate Extensions


Stair gate extensions are a perfect safety gate solution for wider stair openings or for unconventionally shaped spaces around the house. They can be used for both pressure fitted gates and screw fitted safety gates.


For more information about safety stair gates please e-mail customerservice@safetots.co.uk or call +44 1438 728 888



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Bathing Baby

Bathing baby can be a lovely experience for you and your baby.  It is best to bathe baby when they are awake and content and not hungry and tired.  It can also be beneficial in the evening before bed time which helps them sleep longer.  A warm bath can also sometimes help calm a colicky baby.


Babies need to be bathed two to three times a week, not every day but if they enjoy baths then you can give them one more often but take care as it can dry out their skin.


Although, you do not need to bathe baby every day, you should however top and tail them every day.  This is where you wash baby’s face, neck, hands and bottom.


To top and tail your baby, make sure you have everything you need with you.  This would be a bowl of warm water, a towel, cotton wool, a new nappy and if needed clean clothes.  To top and tail:


·Take baby’s clothes off apart from their nappy and vest and wrap them in a towel to keep them warm

·Dip the cotton wool in the bowl of warm water and squeeze out all excess water, making sure the cotton wool is damp

·Wipe gently around baby’s eyes from the inner corner outwards, making sure you use a new piece of cotton wool for each eye to prevent infection from spreading

·Dampen new pieces of cotton wool and wipe around the rest of their face, neck and ears.  Pay extra attention to the folds and creases and do not clean the inside of baby’s ears or nose with a cotton bud

·When washing baby’s hands and feet, look out for sharp nails and remove them with baby scissors as babies can scratch themselves

·Remove baby’s nappy and wash bottom and genital area with freshly dampened cotton wool.  Make sure to clean in the folds and creases and then put on a clean nappy


When you are more comfortable with bathing baby, you can put them in a baby bath tub.  This should be in a warm room and you should have everything you need at hand as you cannot leave baby in the bath whilst you fetch something.  To bathe baby:


·Fill the baby bath with about 8cm of water and test the temperature with your elbow or a thermometer. Remember to swirl the water around so there are no hot spots in the bath water

·Undress baby but keep nappy on and wrap baby in a towel whilst you clean their face

·Wash baby’s hair with water or shampoo specially designed for babies and then dry their hair gently

·Remove nappy and clean their bottom

·Lower baby into either their bath support so your hands are free to wash baby or lower them into the bath by using one hand to hold their outside arm and supporting their head and neck on your arm and placing your other hand under baby’s bottom.  Lower baby into the bath gently so they do not get scared and until their bottom is resting on the floor of the bath and then free your hand from under their bottom and start washing baby

·Make sure baby’s head stays above the water and when washing, gently move the water around over baby without splashing

·When finished, lift baby out of the bath the same way you put them in and wrap them in a towel and gently pat them dry, making sure to wipe in their skin folds

·You can massage baby with special oil or cream to help soothe and relax baby and help them sleep better

·Put a fresh nappy and clothes on baby


Safety tips

·Make sure baby is wrapped up warm in a baby towel before and after their bath

·Make sure the room is warm

·Check the temperature of the water with an elbow or thermometer and swirl water around to get rid of any hot spots in the water

·Do not put baby in the bath whilst the tub is filling up with water

·Never leave baby alone in the bath, not even for a second

·Do not fill bath tub with water, only 8cm is needed


Safetots Princess and Pony Ergonomic Baby Bath

Luma Baby Bath Support Snow WhiteSilly Billyz Hooded Towel Lime

Emmay Care Grooming Kit


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Bathroom Safety Jun 01 ,2016

Protecting babies and toddlers in the sun


Damaging ultraviolet sun rays present a risk of skin cancer (melanoma), sunburn and heatstroke, some of the dangers caused by the hot sun and just a few of the reasons for protecting children as much as possible whilst they play in the sun.  So how can you keep your children safe during those hot summer months?

Avoid the midday sun.  Try to avoid taking your children out when the sun is at its peak, which is generally between 11am and 3pm and completely avoid exposing babies under 6 months to direct sunlight where possible. Should you need to venture out during peak hours, it’s advised that children should wear light-weight loose fitting clothing complete with sun hats that cover their ears and back of their necks.

Attach a buggy sun shade. When taking children out and about in a pushchair, pram or back carrier it’s important to shade and protect them with a suitable parasol or sun shade.  The Safetots Buggy Sun Shade is multifunctional and clips easily to most buggies, pushchairs, playpens and car windows. With a UPF50+ this versatile Safetots sunshade provides the ultimate protection from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Attach a sunshade to car windows.  If you are travelling by car ensure the car is cool before putting the children in and setting off.  Invest in car sun shades such as the Dino Sun Stoppers 2 Pack Baby Sun Shade and protect both front and rear facing children from sun and glare.  Car sun shades attach in seconds and fit most cars, mini vans and SUVs.

Apply sun screen.  Apply sun screen to young skin, 15 to 30 minutes before heading outdoors and every 2 hours there-after ensuring good coverage of the back of the neck and shoulders.  If your child ventures into water, it is recommended that you apply a water resistant sun screen and re-apply sun lotion once they are out of the water.  For children a sun screen with no less than SPF 15 with UVA and UVB protection is advised.  However a water resistant SPF 50+ provides the ultimate and best protection for young skin, keeping them safer for longer.

Stay hydrated. Most importantly, make sure children stay hydrated, frequently offer them plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.  If it proves challenging getting your infant to drink water, try making homemade fruit juice ice lollies, or offer diluted fruit juice.  If your baby is still breastfeeding they may require shorter and more frequent feeds. Offer bottle fed babies cooled boiled water in addition to their normal milk feeds.

There are many products available, designed to protect children from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays:

The Safetots Kids Sun Shelter – UV Protection Beach And Garden Tent provides the ultimate ultraviolet protection for children at the beach, park or simply in the garden.  With a UPF30, this spacious sun shelter keeps children safe in the sun whilst ensuring space for all the family.  The Safetots Kids Sun Shelter is durable and robust when erected yet folds into a small travel storage bag when packed away, designed for ease of packing for family holidays abroad. 

The Koo-DI Pack-It Sun and Sleep Stroller Cover fits most pushchairs, strollers & buggy's (including 3-Wheeler's) and is a compact "Pack-it Universal Sun and Sleep Shade", the ideal item to keep in the basket of your stroller or in your change bag at all times to protect your little one from the sun. Its blocks 93% of all UVA and UVB rays.

The Diono Solar Eclipse Sun Shade is a 2 in 1 car window shade that can either provide full shade or screen the shade but retain the view.  This two in one roll up window shade provides full shade protection of UPF50+.  The Diono Solar Max Car Window Sun Shade Pack Of 2 provides shade to both back, side windows. The Diono sun shades fix to windows with either suction cups or window hooks and come complete with a button rewind.

The Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan features soft foam fins, a flexible neck, on/off switch and an alligator clip. This clip on fan can be attached to most strollers, cribs and playpens and will keep your child cool during the summer months.

The LittleLife Family Beach Shelter is lightweight and simple to erect, provides sun protection for all the family and comes complete with a compact carry case with a shoulder strap for ease of travelling. This Little Life Beach tent is ideal for taking with you on beach holidays or simply to the park.  Providing protection of up to UPF50+ this sun tent provides the perfect shelter for your child during the hot weather. 

The Littlelife Arc 2 Travel Cot And Sunshade provides a safe and comfortable sleep zone for your child, complete with a sunshade this compact cot provides the perfect environment for your child to sleep safely away from home, on holiday or in the garden.  The Littlelife Travel Cot has insect proof mesh on the sides and top, is easy to erect and fold away and packs up into its own carry case when not in use.

The UV Shirt, Shorts and Sun Hat can be worn in and out of the water to provide the ultimate sun protection for your child, ideal for holidays or playing in the park. Fast drying swim and sun wear with protection up to UPF50+, the sun-hat, complete with a back flap further protects the neck as well as providing shade to the face thanks to its flat peak.

The Nsauk 3 In 1 All Weather Protector fits most infant car seats and travel systems. This lightweight and portable multi layered all weather protector provides UV protection from the sun thanks to the UV sunshade.  The splashproof rain cover provides protection in the rain and conveniently zips away when no longer required.  Comes complete with a thick mesh layer for ventilation and provides further protection from insects.

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Sun Safety Jun 20 ,2017

Innovative Safety Products at Safetots

At Safetots we pride ourselves on providing the best baby and child safety products on the market, not only that, we are also believers in providing customers with the best innovative products to make life easier. We have compiled a list of the four latest innovative products from different categories that help make your home safer for your growing children.   BabyDan Key Guard The BabyDan Key Guard prevents children from unlocking doors or locking themselves inside a room. The key guard can be used with most types of keys - cylinder and household. By fastening your key into the key guard and putting it back into the lock, the key guard is ready to use and with a double locking mechanism, the unit will turn without the key moving but is easy for adults to use by simply pushing and turning to unlock. The key guard is designed to not draw attention and will therefore suit any home.

BabyDan Key Guard


Safetots Advanced Retractable Gate White The Safetots Advanced Retractable Gate is a screw fitted gate which features an advanced locking system with one handed operation that allows you to walk through the gate without retracting each time as well as being able to fully retract it to stay out of the way when not in use. The retractable feature makes the mesh panel near invisible when not in use. This safety gate fits narrower as well as wider spaces up to 120cm with a height of 90cm approx and can be fitted anywhere in the home as well as outdoors, inside walls and doorways, outside frames or diagonally. The retractable feature makes this stair gate space efficient and the wall mounting brackets keeps this lightweight yet sturdy gate in place to stop children from accessing unsafe areas. The gate is easy to install with fitting and template instructions included. The gate can be safely used at the top of stairs as there is no trip bar. It is suitable up to 24 months and complies with Safety Standards EN1930:2011. Safetots Advanced Retractable Gate White[/caption]   Window Blind Safe Cord Winder The Window Blind Safe Cord Winder shields your child from danger by locking the device in the store position. The mechanism has been designed to operate in a similar way to a medicine or hazardous substance bottle and must be squeezed and pulled out to release the barrel and drop the blind. It is suitable for: Venetian, Roman, Vertical and Roll-Up blinds. Window Blind Safe Cord Winder[/caption]   NappyTime Changing Mat The NappyTime Changing Mat makes changing baby easier, cleaner and safer than other changing mats. The mat comes with an adjustable 4 point upper body harness that keeps baby still and calm, which features an easy open child-lock buckle to stop your little one from rolling off and potentially hurting themselves. The raised walls on three sides and the rigid back board keeps the changing mat sturdily in place on high surfaces. The wipe clean material minimises mess caused by wriggling babies. NappyTime Changing Mat[/caption]

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Childproofing Sep 29 ,2016



Getting yourself organised and packed to go away on a short weekend trip or holiday can be challenging enough but when there's a baby or toddler in the mix to pack for, the task ahead can seem even more daunting.


To help you plan for your trip away, Safetots have come up with all the top tips and advice you’ll need for travelling safely with your baby or infant.


The Journey

Firstly, think about the journey ahead. Remembering your bags and passports is essential, but what about the endless list of things your infant will need for the journey? Here's a few ‘travelling tips’ to consider before jumping in the car and setting off: -


Check your infant car seats. Is your child safely strapped into a child car seat suited and recommended to their age and weight?  It’s important to continually monitor the growth of your child and invest in a new car seat as and when they outgrow their existing car seat.  Safetots have a wide range of Renolux Serenity Car Seats  and Diono Radian 5 Car Seats suitable from birth to 7 years.  Car seats tried and tested that meet todays recommended safety standards.


Take a carefully packed Changing Bag. Make sure you have all the essentials packed in your baby changing bag. Baby changing bags such as the Diaper Dude Deluxe Messenger have many pockets to ensure all your baby items are organised and easily accessible.  Be sure to pack a travel change mat, baby wipes, nappies, soothers, muslins, milk, food, drink cups, snacks, toys, teethers, a change of clothes and sick bags for infants and keep sun screen handy if the weather is hot.


Pack plenty of toys for travel. Car seat organisers such as the Diono Stow N Go Backseat Organiser and the Babydan Car Caddy Organiser enable you to organise your children’s toys, drinks and snacks making everything easy for them to find and making the journey more exciting.  Plenty of toys and games will keep children entertained during those long hours on the motorway.


Make travelling comfortable.  Car sun shades keep the glare of the sun from shining in your child’s eyes.  Car sun shades are simple to fit and easy to remove, fit to both side and back windows and keep your child comfortable whilst they travel.  Pack a travel pillow for comfort and a travel blanket for keeping children warm.


Before you set off for your travels it’s important to make sure you have packed appropriately for keeping your child safe on holiday at the destination you have planned.


Holiday home child safety

Whether it's the home of a family member you're visiting, a hotel or a villa, don't expect your accommodation to have the same safety features in place as your own home. Wherever you're staying, the likelihood is there'll be a staircase unguarded, doors that can trap little fingers and cupboards that contain sharp or dangerous objects.


Top Tip: Speak to your travel agent or host and seek advice on how child friendly your holiday home is and whether or not they have features in place for keeping infants safe.


Consider packing a portable travel gate such as the Babydan Gate To Go or the Lindam Felxiguard to protect your little one from the dangers of stairs or to restrict their movements to one room.  


Keep inquisitive minds from exploring cupboards by packing a few cabinet locks and cabinet latches. Choose adhesive or non-permanent fixings such as the Clippasafe Mini Multi-Purpose Latches and the Baby Dan Double Cabinet Lock which can be easily fitted and then removed when your stay is over.  Safetots also supply a wide range of packable door stops, that simply fit to the top or side of doors, preventing them from being slammed shut and trapping your tot's fingers. 


Bathing your baby or toddler on holiday

Chances are your accommodation won't have baby bathing facilities that can contain your tot in a safe space while you bathe them. You'll also be less familiar with water temperatures in unfamiliar surroundings and preventing the risk of scolds from hot water is imperative. Here are a couple of products that can overcome these travel problems:


How hot is that water? So many injuries to children are caused by scolds from hot bath water so pack a handy bath thermometer and make sure the temperature is just right.  The Clippasafe Floating Dolphin Bath Temperature Indicator monitors the water temperature indicating via three panels if the water is too hot, cold or just right for your infant.  Alternatively the Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky Temperature Indicator tests the water temperature whilst providing fun at bath time for your infant.


Getting your baby/toddler to sleep on holiday

The key to successfully getting your baby or toddler to sleep when away on holiday is to recreate the home sleeping environment as best you can. Maintain their usual sleep routine and pack their favourite bedtime toy.


Top TipPack a bed sheet from their cot that hasn't been washed. Familiar smells will soothe them to sleep.


If you are travelling by car, you might just have room for a portable travel cot.  Safetots have a wide range of travel cots suitable for babies and infants.  The Safetots Travel Cot features a padded bumper rail and comes complete with mesh sides and a cot mattress to enable your child to sleep or play safely and comfortable on holidays or long weekends away.


Top Tip: Spend a few nights before your trip putting baby down to sleep in their travel cot so they're familiar with sleeping in their new surroundings.


For infants who have progressed from a cot to bed, a travel bed rail such as the Safetots mesh bedrail in White or Natural can be easily packed in the car and provides your infant with protection from rolling out of bed on holiday.  Inflatable bed rails such as the shrunks inflatable bed guards are ideal solutions for travelling with your child.  Shrunks inflatable bed guards conveniently fit beneath any standard sized twin, queen or king bed sheet and are suitable for children from the age of two years up.


If you are travelling abroad with your child, take a look at our blogs on ‘Protecting babies and toddlers in the Sun’ and ‘Holiday sun & swim safety’ and get all the top tips and advice for keeping your children safe in the sun, sea and sand.  


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Baby and Toddler Sleeping On Holiday



The first rule to helping your child to sleep on holiday is the same for a baby and a toddler; it is simply to make the environment as similar to their home environment as possible. It is natural for a very young child to feel anxious the first time they are away from their home environment especially at night time. By creating a similar environment to their home you can potentially maintain your child's sleeping patterns and enjoy a peaceful holiday.




  1. TIME ZONES: If travelling to a time zone which is a few hours behind (such as America), adjust your child’s sleeping times a little later for a few days before departing. If going east to Europe try bringing their sleep time forward to help them adjust prior to arriving.  Once you have arrived at your destination it’s advised to switch all family members to the local time zone instantly and when you return home switch them right back into local time.  Adapting to local time zones as quickly as possible will make the transition for your child easier and quicker.


  1. BED TIME: Continue with your child’s bed time routine where possible.  However, as you are on holiday it may not always be possible or necessary to keep to the same bed time routine, familiar items brought from home will enable them to sleep more comfortably in their unfamiliar surroundings.  Pack a favourite night time soft toy or cot mobile, the familiar sights to your child will prove comforting.  Take their sleep sack, blanket and comforter and if possible continue with their same bath time routine.


  1. BATH TIME: By continuing with the same bath songs at bath time and by bathing your child in their familiar bath tub your child may settle better at bed time.  Try bathing your infant in an inflatable bath tub or a travel baby bath tub prior to your holiday and then pack the baby bath tub and take with you on your travels.  If it’s not possible for you to bathe your baby then still endeavour to continue with the same bath time songs and continue with elements of their bath time routine.


  1. CUDDLE NESTS: If you are hiring a travel cot, take with you an unwashed cot sheet or cot bed sheet to provide the familiar smell of sleep time at home. Or for younger babies pack their favourite cuddle nest and place it in the cot.  Cuddle nests such as the Babydan cuddle nest are a multi-functional, portable baby bed which can be taken anywhere, instantly creating a home from home environment at sleep time. Cuddle nests are becoming increasingly popular with young parents in helping with sleep at home, however cuddle nests are soft, lightweight beds for young babies that can be easily transported to any destination.


  1. TRAVEL COTS: If travelling with a car, take with you a spacious, portable travel cot.  Some parents prefer to have the comfort of taking with them a travel cot that they know is clean and spacious and is more familiar to their child.  If space is an issue and you are happy to use the travel cot provided by your holiday home, then consider taking with you travel cot mattress so that you have the guarantee your child is sleeping on a comfortable and clean mattress.  Let your child sleep on the travel cot mattress in the lead up to the holiday to enable your child to become familiar with the mattress and to instill familiar, homely smells within the mattress.


  1. INFLATABLE BEDS: For older babies and toddlers, consider taking with you an inflatable travel bed and make sleep time fun.  Kids love to ‘camp out’ on inflatable beds and sleep time will become more of an adventure than chore.  Similar to a travel cot, allow your child to sleep on the blow up bed in the lead up to your holiday so they are familiar with bed.


  1. MUSIC: A great tip is to put your child to sleep with a soothing CD for a few days prior to leaving for your trip. By playing the same CD at night time on your holiday, your child will recognise it is time for sleep.


  1. SLEEP TENTS: If travelling abroad or taking a holiday in the sun, a light weight UV tent will serve the dual purpose of protecting your child from the sun, as well as providing a place for nap time. For young babies and children, the Nsauk Deluxe pop up UV Sun Tent is the perfect lightweight pop up tent ideal for playing and napping whilst out and about.


The key to enjoying your holiday with your children is to relax and not over stress about bed time routines and sleep times.  Children adapt quickly to their new environment and by taking a few home comforts with you, the transition from home to holiday home will be quicker and easier and your child will be happier.  Adapt to time zones the minute you land and encourage children to sleep from day one at the local time and wake at the local time.  Adapting quickly will help everyone to get the most out of their holiday.  Take with you travel cots and cuddle nests, sleep sacks, bed sheets and blankets and if possible inflatable bath tubs and inflatable beds for older babies and toddlers.  Travel light and pack clever, a happy child makes for a happy holiday.



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