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Must have items when travelling with Children

When travelling with your little one there are so many things that you need to consider just to travel, whether it be in a car, plane or train.  Below we have suggestions on products that will make your child comfortable and less fussy whilst you travel.


Car seat neck supports

We stock car seat supports for your baby, to make them extra comfortable and allowing them to sleep better and let you concentrate on your journey. We have a Red Castle soft 2-in-1 head hugger which provides baby with a more comfortable ride when seated in the car seat. The head hugger reduces the size of the car seat so baby can sit more relaxed and their head and neck is more supported. After a few months and baby grows bigger, the inner cushion can be removed to continue to provide a comfortable and supportive ride.  There are slots for the harness straps and is machine washable.


Red Castle 2-in-1 Head Hugger We also have the Babymoov fresh anatomical cushion which is a universal and ergonomic headrest that provides support to baby's head and gives optimal comfort for newborn babies. The cushion is made with visco-elastic memory foam that avoids pressure on baby's head and the jersey and honeycombed micro air permeable materials constantly provides perfect temperature regulation. The padded edges maintain the dorsal position and this anatomical cushion can be used on a baby bouncer, swing, car seat or carry cot, making it versatile and handy so that you do not have to carry different cushions and blankets.



Babymoov Fresh Anatomical Cushion Snack Catchers Snack catchers are handy containers to put your child's snack in when travelling and are specially designed so that the snack does not fall out so you don't need to worry when your child is having snack time in the car or anywhere else.  These are great for children learning to eat independently and they can be filled with their favourite snack. The munchkin snack catchers are available in different colours and feature soft flaps on the lid for easy access with special 'finger cleaning' bumpsMunchkin Snack Catcher The Oxo Tot snack disc features a curved shape, low profile, and non-slip base.  The 180 ml snack disk is designed for little hands and keeps snacks contained whilst they eat.




Oxo Tot Snack Disc Neck Pillows These are great for young children to support their neck on long journeys.  When children fall asleep whilst sitting down, their neck tends to loll forward or to the side, with a neck pillow they can sleep comfortably and without leaning on anyone or getting neck cramps. Skip Hops neck rests are made of soft, plush velour and come in a variety of different animal designs.



Skip Hop Neck Rest The Dreambaby inflatable neck cushion is made of soft, polar fleece and can be inflated to two sizes, making this perfect for babies and toddlers.



Diono Car Shades Car shades protect your little ones from annoying glares from the sun which in turn upsets your child and turns the car ride into a nightmare.  They also protect the kids from harmful UV rays and are very easy to attach. Dreambaby adjustable car shades come in different sizes and in cute designs with tigers and zebras.  The length is adjustable and can be rolled up when you don't need it.


Dreambaby Adjustable Car Shade Clippasafe also do car shades which are easy to put up and can also be taken off and folded and stored in a bag provided.  They come in cute designs of cartoon dogs.


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Toilet Training



Children are ready for toilet training at different ages but most parents start think about starting this between 18 to 24 months old.  Children are able to control their bladders and bowels when they are physically ready and when they want to be clean and dry though it takes children longer to learn to stay dry during the night.  You shouldn’t force your child to start toilet training as they can only learn when they are ready themselves but in time they won’t want to go to school with a nappy on and they will want to be clean and dry but it does help to encourage the behaviour.  When starting out toilet training, it is best to put your toddler on the potty or on the toilet with a toilet trainer seat every 15 – 30 mins and then to gradually expand the time and you will then start to see the number of accidents reducing and for them to start telling you that they need the toilet.If they have accidents, you should clean it up and try again but if it’s proving rather difficult your child may be having a tough time and it’s best to start again in a few weeks.  It is best to start toilet training over a period of time when there are no major disruptions or changes to your family routine.  It is also handy to do it over the summer because there are fewer clothes that need to be taken off and they dry much quicker.  Children learn to control their bowls quicker than their bladder but there are signs that your child is learning bladder control when they know they have a wet or dirty nappy, they start to know when they are passing urine and they may tell you about it or tell you in advance.It is best to tackle teaching your child to stay dry during the day and when that is achieved to then tackle night time afterwards.You can start to use night time nappies but also waterproof mattress protectors that can be washed and used again.

We have a range of toilet trainer seats and potties with different features from standard, musical and portable.  We also stock step stools that can be used alongside the trainer seat and teaches your child to be independent by using the stool to sit up on the toilet and get back down by themselves.We also have a range of mattress protectors that can be washed and tumble dried.


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Baby & Infant Guide Jun 01 ,2016

Changing Bags for Dads



Changing bags are essential for all parents when they take out their children.In the past, there hasn’t been much of a range for Dads but now there are so many to choose from that you’re spoilt for choice.

Changing bags come in all different styles to suit your personal taste from sporty to smart.There are a range of messenger style bags to put over your shoulder whilst you and your child are on a bike ride, a hike or on a family day out.They come with lots of extra space and pockets for essentials not only for your child but for extras you need that day whilst out on an adventure.

There are also changing bags for dads who prefer a more sleeker and smarter look whether you’re a business professional or prefer a bag that looks like a man bag you would normally carry for such things as laptop or iPad etc.These bags are specifically designed for dads so not only can they carry their important items but also their childs essential items too.

Celebrity dads such as Brad Pitt, Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Affleck have been spotted wearing changing bags when taking out their children and with changing bags such as Diaper Dude and Skip Hop spotted on other celebrities too, you can also be seen with one at a very affordable price.

With new styles and designers taking into consideration that dads need changing bags too instead of wearing mummy ones, there are new ones cropping up all the time that are not only practical but come in different styles to suit you.

[caption id="attachment_2088" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Skip Hop Duo Double Changing Bag Black"]Skip Hop Duo Double Changing Bag Black[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_2089" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Diaper Dude Eco Friendly Messenger II Changing Bag Green Dude"]Diaper Dude Eco Friendly Messenger II Changing Bag Green Dude[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_2090" align="alignnone" width="150" caption="Diaper Dude Convertible Messenger and Backpack Black Grey"]Diaper Dude Convertible Messenger and Backpack Black Grey[/caption]




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Baby Changing Jun 01 ,2016




It’s a popular topic of conversation in the nursery / pre-school playground, should I buy my child a balance bike or a more traditional pedal bike with stabiliser’s / training wheels?  As a parent buying a first bike for their child, deciding on which type of bike to buy can raise all kinds of questions.  Is a balance bike better that a traditional pedal bike? What are the benefits of a balance bike? From what age can my child ride a balance bike?  I learned to ride with stabilisers, are bikes with training wheels really that bad?


Over the years kid’s first bikes have come a long way, from the once heavy framed bike complete with training wheels to aid them in ‘learning to ride a bike’, to the now lightweight, pedal free, scoot bikes, where children use their feet to scoot along as appose to being stabilised by training wheels.


So which is the best first bike for your child?





Children are generally ready for their first ‘proper’ bike from the age of 18 months old and deciding on which first bike to buy for your child can be a tricky one, weighing up the pros and cons of a more traditional bike with stabilisers virsus the ever growing in popularity ‘balance bike’. 


Balance bikes for kids are designed to encourage young children to learn the skills and techniques needed for progressing onto a standard pedal bike.  Unlike a bike with stabilisers, a balance bike enables children to learn the ultimate skill needed to ride a bike, BALANCE!  A bike with training wheels tends to tilt to one side and can sometimes give a false sense of balance.  Balance bikes also known as glider bikes are generally more lightweight in design, they are ideal for scooting across fields and more uneven terrain where a bike with stabilisers is more likely to struggle.  There is less risk of injury from riding a balance bike as a child is less likely to topple over.  Balance bikes have proved to in-still confidence in young riders and children who have learnt to ride a bike firstly with a balance bike generally progress to a standard pedal bike easier and quicker.





Balance bikes come in a number of sizes to suit young children of various ages.  Most balance bikes, such as Safetots balance bikes are suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years.  However, all children develop at different times and for some children a balance bike is suitable from the age of 18 months, parental judgement in deciding when a child is ready to ride a bike is acceptable.




Balance bikes provide children with more freedom and independence that a bike with training pedals. Balance bikes are easier to manouver and children learn the skills needed to ride a bike from an early age.  Once a child has learnt to ride a bike with the use of trainer wheels, they generally need to learn the skill of ‘balance’ once the trainer wheels are removed.  Balance bikes create confident riders, they teach young children to steer, balance and break and train their sense of co-ordination, all the skills required to ride a pedal bike.  From the age of 4 to 5 years old, a child should make a smooth transition to a pedal bike without the need for having stabilisers.


Balance bikes stimulate a child’s mental and physical development and confidence is gained as they learn to move, ride, steer and balance a bike independantly.  Balance bikes for toddlers are designed within a lightweight frame, complete with spoked wheels that provide support and flexibility.





Safetots have a wide range of balance bikes for girls and balance bikes for boys, unisex balance bikes and kids favourite superhero balance bikes including our best-selling ‘superman balance bike’ and ‘batman balance bike’.  Children simply love the designs of balance bikes featuring their favourite superheroes.  To find the best balance bike for your son or daughter visit us HERE at Safetots, or for any further advice on any of our Safetots balance bikes call us on 01438 728888 and we will be more than happy to help.


All Safetots balance bikes have been tried and tested and each one is designed to help children develop the skills and balance needed to ride a standard pedal bike.


Balance bikes by Safetots and Kazam in a great range of designs and colours are available to purchase at www.safetots.co.uk




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Leisure Jul 13 ,2017

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