Safetots Designer Fire Guard Extension

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Brand Safetots
Extensions Designer
Adds 30cm to the width of your fire guard
Compatible with Safetots Designer Fire Guard ONLY
Maximum of one extension can be used
Extension can only be added to the middle of the fire guard
Includes the unique multi clip connector system
The Safetots Designer Fire Guard Extension adds an additional 30cm to the width of the Safetots Designer Fire Guard ONLY.

Protecting your family, pets and home from the risks of open fires, log burners, multi fuel burners, gas and electric fire appliances is a key consideration, particularly as the weather gets colder and we turn the heating up.


The choices of barriers available may seem rather confusing. There are many different labels applied to such products in the industry including nursery guard, fire screen, spark guards, surrounds and fireguards to name a few.


To keep it simple, Safetots only use the terms fire surround and fireguard.


Our fire surrounds are fixed to a wall or similar surface that restricts access to heat appliances by enclosing them on all vertical sides. They are made from metal or wood, available in different colours and are constructed using vertical poles.  As such, many families find these an aesthetically pleasing solution to enclosing a fire.


Our Fireguards provide protection from all sides (vertical and horizontal) as they have an additional top mesh surface to prevent falls from above or items potentially being dropped close enough to the heat source to catch fire. All fireguards must be constructed with metal mesh and do not covert to other domestic uses. These are tested to the safety standard BS 8423:2010, the recognised standard for fireguards for domestic use.


It is worth noting that neither a fireguard nor a fire surround is intended to reduce the risk of fires caused by flying particles from the heat source. Always store the matches or other means of lighting this type of fire out of children’s reach and fit and routinely test a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. It is never advisable to leave a small child unattended.