Safetots Eco Screw Fit Baby Extra Tall Gate Range 70cm - 140cm

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  • Brand: Safetots
  • Fitting Type: Screw
  • Height: Extra Tall
  • Gate Material: Metal
  • Max Width With Extensions: 140cm
  • Width Of Walkthrough: Full width of space
  • Height When Installed: 100cm
  • Depth Of Frame: 1.5cm
  • Width Between Bars: 5cm
  • Auto Close: No
  • Stay Open Technology: No
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The Extra Tall Eco gate was designed based on feedback from customers. By far the greatest challenge was to cut the product footprint. Additional objectives within the design were ease of installation, ease of use, to open in one direction if used on stairs, or both directions if used elsewhere, genuine one-handed use when baby is in my arms and Extra Height with maximum stability. Safetots proudly present the Extra Tall Eco gate as a solution to each of these customer demands. The Extra Tall Eco gate resolves the issue of both wasted steel in production and reduces unnecessary packaging. The design of traditional screw fit safety gates has resulted in up to 40% more steel being produced than is required for the products intended purpose. With millions of screw fit safety gates being produced every year, the environmental impact is obvious. The traditional design uses two overlapping panels, which can be adjusted to fit a variety of widths. Every centimetre of overlap is wasted steel. With an innovative product development, the eco gate was designed so it will fit exactly to your required width with no wasted steel. Additionally, the Extra Tall Eco Gate comes in packaging only 38cm wide, close to half the dimensions of other screw fitted gates. The Extra Tall Eco gate comes as two panels with a simple central connector which fits standard widths of 70 - 80cm. A range of extensions are available which simply slot between the main panels to fit any width up to 140cm. By removing the traditional overlapping system of traditional screw fit safety gates, the whole installation process has been simplified to five easy to follow steps. The Extra Tall Eco gate is 100cm in height when in use, which is ideal for those parents looking for the extra stability of additional height and preferring not to lean over when operating the gate. The Extra Tall Eco gate has a simple manual opening and closing system. The push to release button is activated with a thumb, allowing the user to lift the gate frame out of the cradle with ease. Once through the gate, simply slot the fittings back into the cradle. Screw fit gates are recommended for use at the top of a flight of stairs as they do not have a trip bar, unlike pressure fit gates. However, it is equally important that a gate can be restricted to open ONLY away from the stairs to avoid any potential dangers of falls. The Extra Tall Eco gate has a one-way restrictor to resolve this issue, but also has the option to enable the gate to open in both directions should the gate be installed elsewhere in the home. The Extra Tall Eco gate is available in three colours: white, black and grey to match all home interiors. The Extra Tall Eco gate is the environmentally friendly safety gate which incorporates all the latest in screw fit baby gate technology.
Innovative eco design cuts product footprint
One handed operation with quick release opening mechanism
Gate opens in both directions, but can be restricted to one way opening if required
Height of Gate when installed is 100cm
Easy installation guide with fitting template included
This safety gate has a manual closing system
The Safety Barrier conforms to EN 1930:2011
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