Safetots Room Divider Gate Opening Panel 72cm White

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Brand Safetots
Extensions & Parts Room Divider
72cm door section
Compatible with Safetots Room Divider
Compatible with Safetots Room Divider
Can position extra-wide door panel anywhere for easy access
Wall Mounting Kit is required (sold separately) if creating own configuration
Panels can be angled as required in ten degree increments
Gate opening panel can be opened in either direction
Please note Room Dividers can not be mounted in an exact straight line
The Safetots Room Divider Opening Gate Panel 72cm can be used on it own with a wall mounting kit to create your own gate or with other Safetots Room Divider Panels to create your own configuration. Each panel can be angled in ten degree increments. Each configuration should include a minimum of one angle to create stability and not be installed in an exact straight line.