Safetots Make Your Own Room Divider White

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  • Brand: Safetots
  • Fitting Type: Screw
  • Height: Standard
  • Gate Material: Metal
  • Max Width With Extensions: Unlimited
  • Width Of Walkthrough: 55cm
  • Height When Installed: 70cm
  • Depth Of Frame: 1cm
  • Width Between Bars: 6cm
  • Auto Close: No
  • Stay Open Technology: No
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Safetots Room Divider Wall Mounting Kit White
Safetots Room Divider Panel 72cm White
Safetots Room Divider Panel 46cm White
Safetots Room Divider Panel 33cm White
Safetots Room Divider Panel 20cm White
Safetots Room Divider Gate Opening Panel 72cm White
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The Safetots Make Your Own Room Divider is the ultimate flexible, yet safe solution for parents who are looking to cordon off any area of their home. The panels come in four sizes: 20cm, 33cm, 46cm and 72cm. Each panel can be angled in ten degree increments allowing for maximum flexibility in the configuration. The door panel measures 72cm in width and any number of door panels can be added to anywhere within the configuration. The door panels can be opened in either direction with one hand, but have passed the EN1930:2011 safety regulations ensuring they are safe to use with children up to 24 months of age. The height of the panels is 70cm. A wall mounting kit must be purchased with any room divider, to ensure the panels are not left free standing. There is no limit to the size of the configuration which can be created. The wall mounting kits are screw fitted and are designed so they can be connected to the end panels at any height level, including above a skirting board. The wall mounting kit will connect at both sides of the room divider and provide an additional 5cm coming out from the wall at both points. The only requirement with this ultra versatile product is that the room divider can not be mounted in an exact straight line. Safetots recommend measuring the space you require to cordon off in sections which match the panels sizes on offer. It is then possible to calculate exactly which panels you require and where you will insert the gate opening panel or panels into the configuration. Our team of experts are always available to offer any assistance should you prefer to contact us directly.
Screw fitted powder-coated steel panels, allowing user to make any size or shape configuration
Can extend width with door panels, 72cm, 20cm, 46cm and 33cm extensions sold separately
Can position extra-wide door panel anywhere for easy access
Mountable to straight or angled walls with quick release wall fittings
Height of room divider 70cm
The room divider should not be installed in an exact straight line to ensure maximum stability
A wall mounting kit must be purchased to connect the panels to the wall
The gate section complies to EN1930:2011 Safety Standards
Each panel can be angled at ten degree increments to make any shape
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