Safetots Play Den Black 72cm Black Gate Opening Panel

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  • Brand: Safetots
  • Play Den Material: Metal
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The Safetots Multi Panel Fire Surround 72cm Gate Opening Panel is ONLY compatible with the range of Safetots Multi Panel Fire Surrounds. This gate opening panel is designed to allow you to have an extra door opening and will add an additional 72cm onto the width of your fire surround. This extra gate panel can be fitted anywhere in your configuration and the fire surround will fit all hearths and fire places.
72cm door section
Compatible with Safetots Multi Panel Play Den
Compatible with Safetots Multi Panel Play Den 33cm, 46cm and 72cm extensions
Can position extra-wide door panel anywhere for easy access
Height of door panel 72cm
Extension can be used on either side
Height of extension 72cm