Safetots Play Den Extra Large Rectangular Wooden 120cm x 200cm

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Brand Safetots
Play Den Material Wood
Internal Space metre² 2m Plus
This configuration is complete with 1x 80cm gate panel, 5x 80cm panels, and 4x 40cm panels.
Made from premium grade wood designed to compliment all home interiors
Extra Wide Door Section for Easy Access, with simple slide and lift opening mechanism
Easy to install with easy release fittings to ensure panels can be easily added and removed
Additional extensions are available in 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, and 80cm to make wider configurations
Multi-use: Safety Gate, Hearth Fire Guard and Room Divider (Wall mounting kit required. Sold separately)
Mat not included
The Safetots Play Den keeps your child in a safe play area or stops them from going into areas in the home that are off limits. Flexible and easy to assemble, the playDen is configured with premium hard grade wood panels and includes an extra-wide door panel for easy access. This durable and designer Den measures 120cm by 200cm with a height of 73cm and additional panels can extend this further to make a wider space for a larger play or rest area. When the baby is older and the play Den is no longer required, this multi-functional Den can be converted to a safety gate, room divider, hearth gate or pet Den with the purchase of a separate wall mounting kit.

Most parents and carers will be familiar with the following scene – your home delivery arrives at the door in the midst of your toddler’s carefree rearrangement of everything in the lounge. Whilst you have a safety gate to stop them getting near the front door or stairs, how do you leave them in an overturned room long enough to bring the groceries or other shopping in?

This is where a playden really comes into its own as a very convenient safe space to place your crawling baby or younger busy toddler when life throws some multi-tasking challenge your way. Equally, some days there are just times when you need to sit down and have a moment for yourself. Play dens provide that opportunity to continue being part of your child’s playtime without having to chase them round the home, giving you a chance to recharge your batteries and them a chance to experience independent learning.

The play den has no integral base. This can be a great feature when using the playden outdoors for example, allowing your child to explore the grass under their toes or even different textured floor surfaces inside the home too. If you are looking for something with an integral base, our playpens may provide the solution. Please see our Safety Information on our Playpen pages for further information of the testing we apply to Play Pen products.

Playdens should be placed on a level floor surface away from dangling wires, heat sources or items which could be pulled into the den and used to assist them in climbing out – sofa cushions or throws would be examples which are easy to lift in and could be stood on to make climbing out easier. Consider the size of the toys placed in the playden with your child for this same reason; keep them small and limit the number so they cannot be stacked to create height. Books are frequently used by toddlers to reach toys out of reach so only provide a couple in the playden. If you have a sleepy dormouse of a tot who crashes out mid play, never place pillows or blankets in the playden with them as they could get wedged between these and the playden and suffocate – if they are asleep, they’re comfortably warm already. The most suitable place for routine nap time will always be their own bed.

Important Information

All Safetots’ play dens are designed for children up to the age of 2 years.

If there are older siblings, check that they have not generously left one of their own toys in the playden for their little brother or sister to play with before you place your tot inside. These toys may not be suitable for this younger age group and could cause a serious accident.

Avoid tying toys to the frame as these pose a strangulation hazard. Do not be tempted to create a makeshift base for your playden as this may become a suffocation or entrapment hazard. Only accessories designed for your specific model of den should be used and this include extension pieces to expand the den as your baby grows or maybe for when friends come for a play date. Once your toddler can climb out it is time to stop using the playden, even if this is before they are 24 months old. Do not allow your little one or other children to swing on the opening part when an adult is operating the gate panel.

Safety Testing

When buying a product to help keep your child out of harm’s way, Safetots believe it is worth investing in one that has been tested to a professionally approved level of safety using rigorous testing methods.

For this reason and where applicable, our products are tested to a British Standards Institution (BSI) standard and/or equivalent international standard. Each standard that our products complies with has been drawn up by a group of experts in the field. Not only do they have extensive knowledge about their product and credibility in the child safety product industry, they are also fully aware of the potential hazards posed by poor quality items being used in the home where children are involved.