Safetots Pressure Fit Stair Gate Wall Saver

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  • Brand: Safetots
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The Safetots wall saver resolves two potential issues when installing a pressure fit gate. The wall savers were designed primarily to ensure no lasting damage is caused to your walls when installing a stair gate. By evenly distributing the pressure applied over a wider space, there will be considerably reduced risk of wall damage, or the spindles of the gate slipping. This is particularly useful if installing a pressure fit gate against less stable plasterboard or a wallpapered surface. Additionally, if installing a gate in an area with skirting boards, the wall savers will reduce the width required at the top set of fittings by approximately 1.5cm per side. This is consistent with the width of the majority of skirting boards, therefore ensuring an even fit for the majority of pressure fit gates into your space. The wall saver comes in a pack of four, and unlike other similar products on the market, the Safetots wall saver incorporates a half moon shape for the bottom set of fittings. This will ensure the flat surface rests against the floor; significantly reducing the risk of gate misalignment should something impact the gate with force.
Prevent wall damage from pressure fit gates
Evenly distributes pressure against walls
No screws or tools required
Rear grip pads
Reduces the width of wall to wall measurements by 2cm for each Wall Saver used
Pack of four