Safetots Wide Walkthrough Gate Narrow 62.5cm - 69.5cm

63.00cm - 69.00cm
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  • Brand: Safetots
  • Fitting Type: Pressure
  • Height: Standard
  • Gate Material: Metal
  • Max Width With Extensions: 100cm
  • Width Of Walkthrough: 55cm
  • Height When Installed: 73cm
  • Depth Of Frame: 2cm
  • Width Between Bars: 6cm
  • Auto Close: No
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This pressure fitting gate with wide walkthrough is ideal for closing off those narrower stairways and doorways in the home. The L shaped frame provides you with a wider walkthrough so you will not have to worry about the limited door space with other narrow gates. Featuring a triple locking system and two way opening that can be opened and locked with one hand, fitting a width of 62.5cm to 69.5cm.
Fits openings from 62.5cm to 69.5cm
Pressure fitted white powder-coated steel gate
One-handed operation
Two way opening with double locking mechanism
Pressure Indicator ensures gate is installed correctly
L-shaped frame for a wider walkthrough section
Irregular space compatibility
Gate must be installed with wall cups included
Height of gate 73cm