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We have a wide range of baby locks and child safety locks designed to keep little fingers out almost cupboard or cabinet in your home and can be locked both internally and externally. Our locks and latches range includes cupboard and drawer locks, appliance locks, toilet locks and window locks.

Our child locks are easy to install and will keep little hands away from dangerous chemicals or sharp items. We offer an extensive range of cupboard locks, child proof door locks and safety latches designed to keep your little ones safe providing them with a safe space to explore and learn and give you peace of mind at the same time!

In addition to our range of child proof locks and latches, we also offer a range of kitchen appliance locks which come in a variety of styles including magnetic locks and adhesive locks and are specifically designed to fit cupboards, drawers, ovens and fridges. We also have a range of bathroom safety locks including toilet locks to prevent inquisitive fingers getting places they shouldn’t!

Making sure your home is properly baby proofed is an important task for any parent with young children. At Safetots, we don’t just offer fire guards and stair gates, we also have a wide range of baby proofing products on offer including safety locks and latches. Babies and young children can be very curious and once they become mobile, like to explore as much as they can!

Baby Locks & Latches