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Cooker Guards


The kitchen is one of the most dangerous areas in the home yet one if the most interesting to children and little ones. Protect your child’s inquisitive hands from burns and scalds with a stove guard from Safetots. Our cooker covers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit almost any cooking appliance. Our cooker guards and over door locks discourage infants from turning knobs preventing potential gas leaks and from touching the hot rings avoiding burns and scalds.

Our range of cooker and oven safety products includes electric hob covers, hob guards and oven locks from reputable brands including BabyDan DreamBaby and our own Safetots range of kitchen safety products.


what are cooker guards used for?

A kitchen is potentially the most dangerous room in the home for young children to roam, from hot hobs and bubbling boiling pans through to piping hot ovens, boiling kettles and dangerous kitchen utensils, without careful supervision of children the risks of potential injury are endless. By following a few simple safety procedures and installing a few basic safety appliances in the kitchen, the risks of any harm coming to your child can be reduced immensely. Safetots have a wide range of cooker guards including hob guards and oven door guards plus oven locks and stove knobs to help keep young children safe in the kitchen once they have found their independent feet.

Oven guards such as the Safetots stove guard and the Safetots dual purpose stove guard double kit prevent children from accessing and touching a hot hob, from pulling pans of hot water over themselves and generally protect children from potential scolds and burns. Cooker hob guards and cooker hob covers provide the ultimate protection for toddlers and young children reaching up to grab unsafe items in the kitchen.

Oven door locks and general oven locks such as the Dreambaby silver Microwave and oven lock prevent children from accessing appliances such as hot ovens and microwaves when in use, keeping children safe from potential life threatening burns and boils. The Dreambaby silver microwave and oven lock is also suitable for some freezers and laundry cabinets. Stove knobs such as the Clippasafe oven and stove knob guards and the Dreambaby stove and oven knob covers prevent children from accessing and playing with cooker knobs. Suitable for gas and electric appliances, these cooker knob covers stop children from being able to turn on the gas or electric hob or change hob temperatures whilst you cook. Cooker guards prevent hobs from being left on, releasing gas and causing potential further risk to the home. Cooker covers such as a heat resistant oven door guard, further protect your child from the hot surface of your oven door.

All kitchen safety appliances from cooker covers and electric hob covers to oven door locks and cooker guards are invaluable investments to keeping young children safe in the home.

what is a cooker guard?

Once your baby is on the move, there is no greater danger in the family home than the kitchen. By installing a few simple kitchen safety appliances the risk of your child coming to harm in the kitchen once they have found their feet is greatly reduced.

Stove guards, cooker covers and oven locks are the most recommended kitchen safety items for families with young children on the move.

Cooker guards prevent children from accessing oven hobs, oven knobs and oven doors, protecting them from potential boils and burns. A stove guard blocks access to the oven hob and oven knobs, prevents children from grabbing boiling pans and putting tiny hands onto electric hobs or into the flames of a gas hob. Stove knobs prevent children from playing with stove controls, strong and heat resistant they provide the ideal solution to stopping children tampering with the gas and electric appliances on your oven. Stove guard covers and stove knob covers are removable and reusable, simple to install and easy to remove when no longer required. Oven door locks fix to your oven in seconds and instantly prevent children from being able to access inside the oven. Cooker covers, cooker hob covers and heat resistant oven door covers, keep children safe from hot ovens. Heat resistant oven door covers reduce the heat of an oven door by 50%. Cooker guards are designed to be compatible with most ovens, available in stainless steel and clear glass to blend in with most of today’s modern kitchens.