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Door Safety


According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), studies have found that 40,000 door accidents happen to children every year in the UK. Teaching child door safety is incredibly important if you want to avoid accidents and injuries.

Safetots has a wide range of safety essentials including a numerous door safety products and kids door stops. Door safety is especially important once your child becomes more mobile. Their natural inquisitiveness will often lead them into potentially dangerous situations, at Safetots we want to help parents prevent this as much as possible. Our range of door safety items includes door hinge strips, slam stoppers, door knob covers and key guards.

Our range of slam stoppers and stoppers for doors, not only prevent little hands from getting caught in the doorway but can also be a useful tool in teaching children how to shut doors sensibly without slamming. Door slam stoppers not only keep the noise of those tantrums down but also prevent little fingers getting caught in doors, they create a barrier to stop the door meeting with the frame.

We also have several door hinge covers and door hinge guards which protect little fingers from becoming trapped. The gaps between doors, especially fire doors can exert a large amount of pressure when closing which can be especially painful if fingers are trapped – for both children and adults. Door hinges protectors fit onto the full length of both sides of a door to protect little fingers from becoming trapped. Gaps between doors can exert a large amount of pressure.

To stop children opening doors, we have several solutions including door knob covers and key guards. Door knob covers create a child-proof door handle and are a wonderful way from preventing inquisitive children for gaining access to rooms they shouldn’t. they work by snapping onto the knob of the door and require a squeeze and turn to open the door which is often too difficult for kids. Safetots also stocks key guards which prevent toddlers and children from turning keys in a lock. Simply fasten the key into key guard and put back in the lock, when you wish to open the door simply push and turn.

Our well-designed door safety solutions also include children’s door stops and wedges to prevent doors from opening and shutting and to stay in one place which is a good way to prevent accidents and can protect your door frame from those little slammers too! Child safety door stoppers will hold a door in one pace until the stopper or wedge is removed.


How to babyproof doors?

Protect your young child from potential door injuries by installing door slam stoppers or door hinge guards to doors that could cause life changing injuries if slammed shut on tiny hands unexpectedly. Slam stoppers can be fitted to the side of top of your door, small, discreet stoppers that provide the ultimate solution in child door safety. Door slam stoppers clip onto your door in seconds and instantly prevent doors from slamming shut. It’s recommended to install your door slam stopper to the top of a door to prevent children from reaching up and removing them. Safetots have a large range of affordable children’s door stops from the Babydan collection including the Babydan finger safe, the Clippasafe collection including the Clippasafe door stopper through to our own Safetots range of door stoppers, including the Safetots door handle anti slam guard. Stoppers for doors prevent tiny fingers, hands and toes from being caught in doors, a low cost, easy to install solution for ensuring your child’s safety in the home.

Alternative to door stoppers are door hinge strips or door hinge guards. Door hinge guards prevent fingers from being trapped between the door and the door frame. Safetots Clippasafe finger trap protection strips measure from the floor up to a height of 120cm and are simple to install with strong adhesive pads. Door knob covers are a further solution to achieving the ultimate in child door safety. Child proof your door handle with the Dream baby door knob cover and prevent toddlers from opening doors and accessing potentially dangerous areas. For more traditional door handles the Clevamama Cleva Door Kit is ideal. Finally, consider investing in a key guard. A key guard prevents children from unlocking doors and deters them from locking themselves inside or outside of a room. A key guard is simple and easy to use and will fit most household keys.

how to install door safety stoppers?

Child door safety latches, door slam stoppers and door hinge protectors are simple to install. Most door slam stoppers are made from a flexible foam or soft rubber or plastic. Kids door stops simply slot onto the side or the top of the door, they can be installed and removed in seconds. Some door stoppers such as the Safetots Under Door Stopper fit beneath the door, to install this design simply slide the door stopper under the door, to release simply step on to one side of the stopper. Door hinge guards are fitted along the hinge of a door, simple to fix in place by applying strong adhesive pads along the hinge. Door slam stoppers and door hinge guards are both effective solutions in preventing potential harmful injuries.