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Deck & Driveway Guards


Decks, patios and driveways pose a whole host of potential hazards with the main one being moving vehicles. Ensuring your deck or driveway is properly secured with a driveway gate or retractable fence is of the utmost importance once your little one starts to crawl as this is the age when they start to be incredibly inquisitive.

Allowing children to play outside is a fantastic way for them to learn and explore, it does, however, create a lot of opportunities for them to run off or get into danger. If you have railings, children are often enticed into placing their heads through and getting stuck. Safetots has a range of driveway guards, deck guard and gates for driveways from reputable manufacturers such as BabyDan and KidKusion designed to keep your little one safe while they play from netting to retractable driveway safety gates.

Erecting a safety gate for your driveway or outdoor safety gate not only ensures your child is safe but also provides a visual barrier for road users.

With a choice of retractable or net guards, our effective child safety barriers will stop your child from running out of sight or getting injured. These outdoor safety gates are easy to assemble and enable you to have a stress-free time knowing your child is safe.


how to install retractable driveway guard?

Safetots have a range of driveway gates designed to create a safe divide between potential hazzerdous areas outdoors, enabling children to play outside of the home safely. Driveway guards are retractable and can instantly create a visual boundary between children playing and roadsides.

Kidkusion driveway guards supplied by Safetots are available in two sizes, 18ft Driveway guards for smaller areas and 25ft Driveway guards for larger areas. These Kidkusion driveway guards create a visual barrier in driveways, along patio areas and divide areas of the garden so that children are safe from the road or potential unsafe areas of the garden. Kidkusion outdoor child safety gates are popular with parents, providing a non-permanent outdoor safety barrier, available in two colours black or orange. Retractable driveway gates are simple to install by mounting into the ground with two sturdy ground sleeves for an effective visual barrier which are included in the purchase of your retractable driveway gate. Retractable gates for driveways can only be installed into softer surfaces such as a garden and cannot be installed within solid surfaces for example a concrete drive. As retractable safety gates provide a visual barrier and not a physical barrier, retractable outdoor child safety gates are not recommended for use as a pool divide. Outdoor retractable child safety gates are easy to store when not in use, due to the retractable feature they can be simply retracted back into the storage canister when they are no longer required making them the ideal temporary safety gate for the outdoors.

All Safetots retractable outdoor driveway gates are made from a strong weatherproof Polypropelene making them suitable for most weather conditions. To install an outdoor baby gate it’s advised to firstly carefully choose the location, ensuring a soft surface for installation either end of the gate.

If your retractable fence has net poles, firstly connect the poles together, then using a hammer and block of wood, install the first ground sleeve at an upright angle into the ground. Once the first ground sleeve is in place, simply install the net pole along with the net within the sleeve then stretch the net across the driveway. Take time to mark carefully where the second ground sleeve should be fitted adding an additional 2 inches from the marked area to ensure the net has a stable and tight fit once fully installed, then fit the second ground sleeve. Finally place the second net pole into the ground and slide the net up or down the poles until the net is tightly secured in place.

All Safetots driveway guards and deck guards enable children to play outdoors safely, they act as a deterent for children attempting to run onto a driveway, or to explore further afield leaving the house out of sight. Outdoor driveway gates provide parents with piece of mind as their children play safely outside of the home.

What is a deck guard?

A deck guard is simply another term for an outdoor child safety gate, retractable fence, driveway guard or outdoor baby gate. A deck guard enables children to play outside safely in the summer evenings and can act as a visual barrier or as a physical barrier depending on the type of deck guard installed. Deck guards and retractable driveway gates are popular with parents of young children. Confining young children to areas of the home and garden can sometimes prove challenging, by installing a deck guard or retractable fence within an outside area to prevent children from entering potential danger zones, children can play safely and independently outdoors.

A deck guard simply divides two areas outside the home. It creates zones where children are allowed to enter and zones where they are prevented from entering. Deck guards, driveway gates and retractable driveway gates are also popular with families with pets, they instantly divide children from pets and deter children and pets from running onto roads and entering other potential outdoor dangerous areas.

Deck guards are most commonly installed across driveways, keeping children safe from cars entering and leaving the driveway. They keep children safe from the dangers of oncoming traffic and enable them to play safely outside of the home during the summer months.

Deck guards can be a solid, wooden permanent feature or less permanent by way of a retractable deck guard, which once retracted into its case, is more discreet, and less obtrusive when not in use. Deck guards and retractable child safety gates are the ideal solution to keeping children and pets safe outside of the home.