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Fire Guards


Are you looking for a fire guard to keep your little ones safe? We have the widest range of fire guards, fire screens and baby fireguards designed to keep you and your family safe. Our fire guards are stylish, yet safe and practical to give you peace of mind and provide a safe environment for both children and pets by creating a safe distance from the danger of a fireplace.

Keeping children and toddlers away from the fire can be tricky, even if you are in the same room. Give yourself peace of mind with a Safetots fire guard. Our range includes multi-panel fire guards and steel mesh fire guards. We also have a number of fire guard extensions so you can adapt your fire screen to suit your home.

Safetots fire guards come with several features including screw fit styles for a more permanent fitting and two-way accessible option and have been designed with your home in mind. Our fire guards come in a range of colours and styles to match almost any home décor. We also have fire guards and screens from several reputable baby safety brands including BabyDan and Pennine as well as our very own Safetots fire guards range.


What is the correct distance to place a fire guard from the fire?

Each manufacturer will place a different recommendation on their instructions regarding this point. There is no set regulation, and Safetots recommend a common-sense approach. Prior to purchasing a fire guard, it is possible to turn your fire up to its maximum heat potential and make a judgement as to which distance from the fire the fire guard should be placed. The steel mesh fireguards generally come out approximately 40-50cm from the wall. You may consider this not enough distance from the source of the fire, and therefore a multi-panel fire surround would be more suitable. Safetots always recommend placing the fire guard as far from the source of the fire as is both possible or practical. The most important consideration if using a multi-panel fire surround is to ensure your child is not able to reach between the bars (6.5cm in distance apart) to reach to the source of the heat.

Why are fire guards important?

A fire guard is an essential baby safety item for families with young children who have any sort of fire in the home. A fireguard protects children from entering the hot zone and keeps them safe from potential lethal accidents, burns and general dangers of the fire. For the safety of young children, fire guards, fire screens and fire grates should be screw fitted in place to a structurally sound surface to prevent them from collapsing upon contact and for maximum safety. Fire guards are non-toxic with a heat resistant coating making them safe to the touch should your child come in contact with your fire guard. Ultimately a fire guard is important in keeping your home and your family safe. Fire guards such as the Safetots Designer Fireguard, made from strong steel mesh with an encased top, prevent children from throwing items into the fire. A fire guard acts as a deterrent to children and averts them from going near to the fire. Fire screens and fire guards are suitable for all fires, gas, electric and log burners. Flex hearth gates can be angled as required and additional panels can be added, enabling them to fit most hearths and fire places large and small.

What are fire guards made of?

Fireguards are made from a simple and sturdy steel with a non-toxic heat resistant coating. Safetots Fire Guards and BabyDan Flex Heart Gates are made from a powder coated, heat resistant steel making them exceptionally safe should your child come in contact with any Safetots fire guard or BabyDan fire guard during use. The Safetots Designer Fireguard is made from a heat resistant steel mesh, a completely encased fire guard which benefits from holding back hot ashes and deters children from getting too close to the heat source. These heat resistant fire guards are the simple and versatile way of protecting children from the risk of life-long serious injury through burning.

Fire guards for log burners?

Fire Guards, Fire Screens, and Fire Grates are suitable and recommended for all fires including log burners. Multi Panel Fire guards are available in a range of sizes to fit most spaces, with a standard gate size of 72cm and additional extensions to order in 20cm, 33cm and 46cm. With the ability to angle, adjust and increase the size, the Safetots Multi Panel Fire Surround is a versatile fireguard suitable to most log burners. Some of the most serious injuries in children are heat and fire related and fireguards are strongly advised particularly for families with open log fires and families with log burners.

What fire guards are best?

A mesh fireguard such as the Safetots designer fireguard, with its complete mesh body, will prevent hot, sparking ashes from burning floors and carpets around the hearth. With an encased mesh top it is an ideal solution in preventing children from throwing items into the fire. These original and more traditional fire guards provide maximum stability and provide a great solution for larger fire places and hearths. Multi-panel fire surrounds are versatile, they can be extended with panels of 20cm, 33cm and 46cm enabling bespoke size fire guards to be created for specific areas. With the ability to angle each fire guard panel, a fire guard can be created to fit a potentially awkward or unique space. Unlike the Safetots designer and Safetots original fire guard, the multi-panel fire surround has the benefit of a two-way opening door panel, enabling easy and safe access to any fire. The multi-panel fire guard door panel can be fitted to the side or front of the fire and more than one door panel can be connected if required providing additional versatility. It is recommended that all fireguards are fixed securely to a structurally sound wall for maximum security.

What do fireguards do?

A fire guard acts as an instant deterrent for children going towards the fire and prevents children, toddlers, and babies from being in direct contact with fire. Fire guards, fire screens and fire grates allow children to play safely in the presence of an open fire, log burner or more traditional fires gas and electric. A mesh fire guard will prevent hot sparks of ashes from burning floors and carpets and generally protects the immediate area around the fire. A fire guard with a two-way opening panel enables adults to access the fire easily and safely and with a secure locking system, the safety of children is not compromised. Fire guards and fire screens keep your family and your home safe, they are the ultimate safety item in protecting children from the potential dangers of an open fire.

What are fire guards?

A fire guard is a non-toxic, heat resistant, steel construction designed to encase any fire, particularly open fires and log burners, to protect businesses, homes, and families from any potential fire-related hazards. A fire guard is the ultimate safety item for families with children in keeping them safe from open fires and log burners. Fire guards can be fitted to protect children from any type of fire, from gas and electric through to coal fires and log burners, a fire guard provides suitable protection for any fire. Fireguards, fire screens, and fire grates act as a deterrent to children and enable children to play safely in any room with an open fire. Made from a heat resistant steel, fire guards are ultra-safe should a child come into contact with them. Fire guards are designed to fit most fire places and hearths and provide a versatile solution to keeping homes and families safe.