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Protect younger members of the family and pets in your home, with the help of Safetots and our collection of high-quality stair and safety gates.

The benefits of stair gates

Babies, toddlers and young pets are unlikely to know they are taking a big risk if they try and climb a set of stairs.

Fortunately, our huge selection of stair gates will provide you with a sturdy barrier that will prevent younger members of the family from attempting to climb the stairs.

Our stair gates come in both pressure and screw fit designs, with the former meaning you can keep a wall free of holes and the latter being incredibly tough once installed.

Reasons to invest in safety gates

It is also important to note that kitchens and bathrooms can be hazardous rooms in the house for tiny tots and animals. 

Instead of having to constantly watch pets and babies to ensure they do not wander into these parts of the home, restrict young family members to only the rooms you would like by setting up a secure safety gate.

Ensuring a safety gate fits perfectly into your home

There is no need to guess or worry how wide your safety or stair gate should be, Safetots offer a simple  simple width calculator below to help you get an accurate measurement of the exact gates and extensions you need to achieve maximum safety for your baby, toddler or pet. 

Don’t forget about the stair gate accessories

Remember that we also stock a wide variety of stair gate accessories, such as handy no-trip step plates and locking strips to give you that extra peace of mind.

Browse all of our stair and safety gates online now and make a purchase from the UK’s largest baby safety shop. Spend over £49.99 and recieve FREE delivery.


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