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At Safetots, we understand how important your children’s safety is and how much as a parent or guardian you want to protect them. Once children start to become mobile, they become much more prone to danger and risks. We have a large collection of high-quality, safety and stair gates to fit almost anywhere in the home which have been designed to offer protection and peace of mind.

What is a Stair Gate?

A child safety gate or stair gate is a protective barrier usually put in place indoors to prevent children or animals coming into contact with any hazards and are typically placed at the bottom and top of staircases, the entrance to the kitchen and anywhere a child could potentially come to harm. Stair gates can be made from a variety of materials including retractable mesh, metal and wood and can be both permanent or temporary depending on your needs.

Benefits of a Stair Gate

All parents know babies, toddlers and even pets don’t know when they are taking risks and can be completely unaware of any danger. The stairs are one of the most hazardous places in the home, especially once babies start to become more mobile but by installing a stair gate or safety gate you can ease the worry of your little ones taking a tumble.

Our wide selection of stair gates means you can not only choose a gate that gives you security but also matches the décor of your home. We have a range of stair gates including, pressure fitted safety gates and screw fitted stair gates so you can create a sturdy barrier that will prevent children and pets from climbing the stairs or accessing dangerous areas in the home.

How to Buy a Safety Gate

Before buying a safety or stair gate, it is important to know where your gate will go and what purpose it will serve.


The first thing you should decide is where the gate is going to go. If you are looking for a stair gate, then it is recommended you choose a gate with fixed fittings like a screw fitted stair gate rather than a pressure fitted. Pressure fitted gates are also safety tested to ensure maximum stability, however, a pressure fitted gate will have a trip bar at the foot, which is not suitable for a staircase. At Safetots we often hear that our customers live in rented accommodation and therefore screwing a screw fitted stair gate into the walls is simply not possible. In these instances, we always recommend that a pressure fit stair gate is better than no stair gate, but extreme caution must be used if placing the pressure fit gate at the top of a flight of stairs. It is additionally advisable not to install the gate right on the edge of the top step. If it is possible, look for an extra tall pressure fit gate which you could place at the base of the step below, therefore ensuring no trip bar is at the edge of a step.


Sounds like an obvious one but you must make sure that the gate you purchase is difficult enough for your toddler to open but you must be able to open it with relative ease. Easier said than done with a wriggling child under your arm!

Size & Adjustability

Most pressure fit gates fit widths ranging from 70-85 cm without the need for an extension. If you have a wider space, you would require a gate extension. Safetots has a width calculator to make sure you get the correct safety or stair gate for your home. Although a pressure fit gate can be moved around different areas of the home, this is not advisable if the gates are going to be used daily. Over a period, by installing and uninstalling a gate, the gates may become less stable. If a pressure fit gate was to be used in a grandparent’s home for example, with visiting grandchildren coming once a week, then putting up the stair gate in preparation for the visit and removing afterwards would be perfectly safe. However, Safetots would still recommend checking the stability of the gate after each installation, and considering the purchase of a gate with an ‘installation indicator’.


It is important to make sure that your safety or stair gate conforms to correct EU legislation EN 1930:2011 and that the gaps between the bars on the gate do not exceed 6cm. All Safetots stair gates and safety gates conform to current European legislation.

Different Types of Safety and Stair Gates

Screw Fitting

Commonly used for stairs and doorways, screw fitted stair gates are easy to install but must be fixed to a wall. They are ideal for the top of the stairs and do not have a bottom bar which can often be a tripping hazard. If you have a wider space, then stair gate extensions are available.

Pressure Fitting

Pressure fitting safety gates are easy to set up and can expand to fit a range of doorways. Due to the trip bar included on a pressure fit gate, it is not advisable to install at the top of a flight of stairs if possible to install a screw fitted gate.

Auto Close

Auto close safety gates will close behind you to keep your hands free give you extra peace of mind and can be easily installed with pressure fittings.


Retractable gates are suitable for children up to 12 months and can withstand impacts of up to 100kg and can be screwed to the wall. These gates feature a roller-blind like mechanism.


Travel Gates are usually very portable and are collapsible with pressure fittings


Stair gate extensions are additional pieces you can add to your gate to extend the span and provide extra protection. There is a wide range to choose from, just make sure you get the correct extensions for your gate.


Stair gate accessories are available at Safetots and include items such as no-trip step plates, extra fixings and spindles and gate spacers


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