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Extra Tall Stair Gates

  1. Safetots Foldaway Safety Gate White 60cm - 125.5cm
    Unlike traditional child safety gates, the Safetots Foldaway safety gate consists of two interlocking panels which move and rotates on wheels. This unique feature enables the gate to be fit at a variety of angles and opened from either side. The simple open and glide mechanism makes this gate extremely easy and safe to use. The Safetots Foldaway Gate is a unique and versatile, space saving baby safety gate, designed to keep infants safe at home. This is a multi- fit safety gate, designed to fit openings between 60cm and 125.5cm if used inside walls. The gate also benefits from fittings which can be used on the outside of walls to fit openings of 60cm to 120cm. The Foldaway gate is perfect for wider spaces such as hallways and landings. At its smallest size the foldaway gate will be angled, at its largest the gate will be straight, the size of your space will determine the amount of angling required. The gate can be fit diagonally and at multi angles. This foldaway baby gate benefits from many exceptional features, most conventional safety gates lack. In addition to the smooth operation of the glide on wheels feature, the versatile design of this gate enables you to open and close the gate at both sides as well as fold the gate back flat against the wall on each side leaving a neat open space when the gate is not required to be in use. The Foldaway gate can be opened simultaneously on both sides to simply remove and store, ideal for Grandparents or child minders or any environment where a temporary gate solution is required. When installed the gate measures 94cm in height, ideal to deter even the most adventurous of children. Hinged at 4 points, the gate simply lifts into the wall mounted hinged points (to close) and a press and lift one handed operation enables the gate to be opened. The gate is designed to be installed easily, with the lower fittings conveniently positioned to be installed above any skirting boards. The ability to open the gate at either hinged end provides for easy access and flexibility. The space saving foldaway feature allows for this child safety gate to neatly fully fold open at either side as desired, with both panels neatly folded to create a clear and safe walkthrough. Learn More

Safetots has a collection of extra tall gates which are taller than standard stair gates including extra tall baby gates, extra tall dog gates and extra tall pet gates ranging from 63cm in height to 306cm. Our extra tall gates include the Safetots range and tall gates from other reputable suppliers such as Safetots, Bettacare, BabyDan and Dreambaby.

Extra tall gates are suitable for use almost anywhere in the home and are ideal for parents whose children have learned to climb or are budding escape artists. Extra tall safety gates are also perfect for pets, preventing them from jumping over. They are especially suited for use at the top of the stairs where falling is a hazard.

Safetots has both pressure fitting and screw fit stair gates available so you can install your extra tall safety gate almost anywhere in your home. We also have a range of extra tall stair gate extensions allowing you to fit your gate into wider doorframes or more unusual openings.

All our tall baby gates are made from durable and strong metal to help you create an effective barrier in your home and give you peace of mind once your little one starts to crawl, giving them the freedom to explore whilst staying safe.


What is the tallest baby gate available?

Safetots safety gates range in size from 72cm tall to 105cm tall and are available in pressure fitting or screw fitting. The tallest stair gate is 105cm and is ideal for parents looking to create a safe room divide between pets and children. Extra tall baby gates are popular with families who own particularly large dogs, the additional height provides extra safety for young children in keeping them safe from larger, stronger pets.

Where can I put an extra tall stair gate?

Extra tall baby gates can be installed in any doorway, hallway or stairwell, they provide the same security as a standard size safety gate, however, the additional height may be preferred for various reasons. Pressure fitting and screw fitting extra tall baby gates are suitable for all doorways in the home on internal and external doorways. Extra tall screw fitted safety gates are recommended for the top of a flight of stairs, installed with screws as they provide the safest and most secure option.

Extra tall pressure fitted gates are installed by applying pressure to the four spindles at all four corners of the gate. Should any pressure be released from the gate, a child's safety and the safety of other family members may be compromised. Extra tall pressure fitted gates are also designed within a U frame and feature a potentially hazardous trip bar once opened. All extra tall pressure fitted stair gates feature a trip bar and are not recommended for the top of the stairs. Extra tall screw fitted gates provide the most suitable strong, safe, secure divide for the top of any flight of stairs.

Although not recommended, if a pressure fitted gate is the only option for the top of the stairs (for example if you live in rented accommodation are unable to screw into walls or bannisters), an extra tall pressure fitted gate is more suitable than a standard pressure fitted gate. Extra tall baby gates are the best option if fitted on the second step, beneath the top stair of a flight of stairs. The additional height of an extra tall baby gate provides a safer solution in keeping children safe at the top of the stairs and if installed as recommended to the second stair, the trip bar will be safely tucked between the two stairs.

Are extra tall safety gates suitable for stairs?

Screw fitting extra tall safety gates are recommended for the top of a flight of stairs. An extra tall screw fitting gate provides the ultimate security for keeping children safe upstairs. A pressure fit gate is installed by applying pressure to the four spindles at each corner of the gate and should any pressure be released, safety may be compromised, particularly at the top of a flight of stairs.

Extra tall pressure fitted gates are designed within a U frame and feature a trip bar which can be potentially hazardous if installed at the top of the stairs. Extra tall pressure fitted gates and extra tall screw fitting gates are both suitable, safe options for the bottom of the stairs.

Extra tall or standard height stair gates should never be fitted within the actual stairwell, they are recommended only for the top and bottom of the stairs. Although not recommended, If an extra tall pressure fitted gate is the only solution for the top of the stairs, then installation to the second from top step is advised. Stair gates should not be fitted below the second to top step.