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Child proofing the home is a responsibility that every new parent will have to face – and getting the right Safety Gate for your home is a large part of that process.

Here at Safetots, we stock a range of Baby Safety Equipment and Child Safety Products – and we have everything you need to child proof your home. As your child starts to crawl and walk, they will constantly want to explore their environment. Keeping them safe, whilst at the same time giving them the room to grow and develop, is a difficult balance, but Child Safety Gates are one clever solution. Your little explorer needs to be kept away from unsafe areas in the home such as the stairways, switch boards, kitchen appliances and so on, but also provided with a ‘safe zone’ in which to play, develop and learn. A child safety gate can be used to cordon off such safe areas, and keep baby away from any potential hazards in your home or garden.

Stair gates come with a range of stair gates accessories such as mounting kits for installing your child safety gate, or the no-trip step plate that fits perfectly around the bottom bar of the stair gates and create a gentle sloping ramp. At Safetots you can choose from different types and colours of child safety gate mounting kits, no trip plates and even a Y-Spindle to help you mount the child safety gate on a rounded surface.

‘Child safety made easy’ only at Safetots!

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