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Gate Accessories


Childproofing you home is an important responsibility that every new parent will face at some point. One of the most important pieces ofchild safety equipmentyou should have in your home, especially if there is an exposed staircase, is a stair gate.

At Safetots we have an extensive range of stair gates in a range of designs and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Our range includes screw fitting stair gates pressure fitting stair gates and retractable stair gates. We also stock a wide range of stair gate accessories including anti-slip strips, stair gate fittings and fitting stair spindles, all designed to help you secure your safety gate as best possible.

Our stair gate accessories range includes Y spindles which are perfect for mounting a safety gate against a baluster or a round pole, no trip step plates which create a gentle slope at the bottom of a pressure fitted safety gate, reducing the risk of tripping and a wide range of replacement parts and stair gate fixings for your safety gate including wall mounting kits.


What are stair gate accessories?

Stair gate accessories and stair gate fittings are available to enable you to fit stair gates to awkward spaces, curved bannisters, to create your own safety gate configuration, to prevent trips and falls and to even wall spaces. Safetots supply a range of stair gate accessories to enable fitting a stair gate in the home possible and less challenging. A wide range of stair gate fittings are available at Safetots from top brands, Bettacare, BabyDan, Dreambaby, Lascal, Lindam and Safetots own brand. Gate accessories including Y spindles, wall mounting kits, no trip plates, gate spacers, gate adaptor panels, wall savers and bannister installation gate housing kits are available at Safetots.co.uk.

To install a safety gate to a staircase or a rounded surface such as a bannister, Safetots have a range of Y spindles compatible with various pressure fitted safety gates. Y spindles replace the existing four spindles of a pressure fitted gate enabling installation to rounded surfaces, frames and posts. Y spindles are suitable for narrow bannister posts, for wider bannister posts a gate adaptor panel is recommended, Y spindles are not always compatible with a wider bannister post. Gate adaptor panels are simple to install to wider posts, held in place with adhesive pads and Velcro straps, they instantly create a flat surface to enable you to install your gate safely and securely.

Babydan and Dreambaby gate ramps fit to the bottom of pressure fitted safety gates and help prevent trips and stumbles. No trip plates and no trip gate ramps are suitable for use at the top and bottom of the stairs and fit most pressure fitted safety gates.

Wall mounting kits enable you to choose the gate configuration to suit you, select the number of gate panels required and install with a compatible wall mounting kit. Safetots supply Babydan wall mounting kits, Lindam, Safetots and Dreambaby wall mounting kits compatible with most Safetots screw fitted child safety gates.

Gate spacers are another useful gate accessory, they bridge the gap for retractable stair gates, enabling gates to fit where space is tight and even out spaces where the wall space top and bottom of the gate may not be even. Space savers build the thickness of one or two walls or they can be mounted together to bridge the gap of wider spaces.

How to fit a stair gate with Y Spindle

Y Spindles provide the ideal solution for installing a child safety gate to a curved bannister or potentially awkward space. Y spindles are most suited to slimmer banisters, due to their shape they are not always compatible with larger banisters. Y Spindles are compatible with pressure fitted gates only. To install a Y spindle, remove the 4 existing spindles at each corner of the pressure fitted safety gate, simply unscrew them and replace with the two or four Y spindles, depending on how many you need to replace. You may need to use only one Y spindle or up to four depending on your location. Y spindles fit posts up to 5cm, they are installed by using pressure, no drilling or screwing is required, they enable pressure fitted gates to be attached to a round post. Y spindles grip to the post with pressure, leaving no lasting permanent marks or damage to your home.

How to install a no trip step plate Safetots have no trip step plates by Babydan and Dreambaby. Babydan no-trip step plates and the Dreambaby no-trip gate ramp form a slanted angle to the base of the gate, helping prevent potential trips and falls. No trip step plates are gate accessories suited to pressure fitted safety gates only. No trip step plates and gate ramps are not compatible with screw fitted safety gates, as there is no base bar or trip bar featured on a screw fitted gate. To install a no trip step plate simply slot the no trip step plate beneath the base bar of your pressure fitted safety gate. Once your gate is installed with sufficient pressure to ensure your gate is safely and securely in place, the no-trip step plate will remain in place also. No trip step plates are simple to install and still enable two way opening safety gates to open in both directions. No trip step plates are useful stair gate accessories for preventing bumps and stumbles, the gentle sloping ramp prevents accidents caused by the trip bar of pressure fitted child safety gates.

How to install a stair gate using a wall mounting kit

Should you decide to purchase individual stair gate panels and create your own safety gate configuration you will need to purchase a wall mounting kit in addition to your stair gate panels. Stair gate fittings such as safety gate wall mounting kits enable you to safely and securely screw fit your safety gate to a solid wall or other hard surfaces. Wall mounting kits come complete with one pole, plus all the wall mounting fittings, enabling you to install your screw fitted safety gate to your doorway or stairwell. It is only necessary to purchase one wall mounting kit for successful installation of your child safety gate. Wall mounting kits enable you to securely attach screw fitted safety gates to solid walls, to transform playpens into safety gates and to turn configure gates into room dividers and fireguards. Wall mounting kits are screw fitted to a solid flat surface, to ensure maximum safety for your child in the home. Safetots have a wide range of wall mounting kits including Safetots, Lindam, Lascal and Dreambaby wall mounting kits.