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Pet & Dog Gates


Dog gates and pet gates are available at Safetots and can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on your requirements. They are suitable for use in both door frames and staircases to help prevent your dog or pet entering certain areas of the home. Pet and dog gates will allow you to set boundaries wherever necessary to keep whether it is to keep pets out of places in the home or to keep children and animals separate.

A puppy gate can be a great way of training a new pup and can also be used for older dogs if there are parts of the house they are simply not allowed to enter. They can also be useful if you have children who may be a little nervous of dogs or could potentially be injured by a large animal or if you have animals in the home that need to be kept separate. Puppy gates are useful when training a puppy as they help to teach young pups boundaries and dominance. They also prevent teething puppies from getting near any furniture or anything else you do not want to be chewed!

Dog and puppy gates are easy to set up and are available with both pressure fit fixings and screw fitted fixings, depending on your requirements. They are easy to set up and provide a strong, sturdy barrier. Safetots pet gates are available in a range of colours and materials from several reputable brands including BabyDan, Bettacare, Dreambaby and Safetots own range of pet and dog gates.

If you need to extend you dog gate to a larger with door frame or staircase, stair gate extensions are available from Safetots.

Depending on the size of your dog, you may need a large pet gate. Safetots pet gates come in a range of sizes including extra tall pet gates, which help prevent your pet from jumping over the barrier. There is also a range of Safetots pet pens if you wish to keep your pet confined to one space.

Pressure fit pet gates can be transported and placed in other areas of the home, however, if you wish to move a screw fit pet gate, it will require some holes drilling into a wall.


What are the best dog gates for stairs?

Pet gates and extra tall pet gates are a popular choice for homes with pets. The installation of a pet gate enables families to keep their dog in a contained area and prevents them from entering areas of the house where children may play.

A pressure fitted dog gate and a screw fitted dog gate are both suitable options for the bottom of the stairs, a pressure fit dog gate is not generally recommended for the top of the stairs. A pressure fit dog gate is installed using pressure only and should the pressure release and become loose at any point, the gate may well become a hazard if fitted at the top of the stairs. Pressure fit pet gates also feature a trip bar which is perfectly acceptable if installed at the bottom of stairs but could become an additional hazard if fitted at the top.

Dog gates, pet gates and puppy gates are available in various heights, for larger pets an extra tall pet gate at 105cm may be more suited to the stairs and for smaller pets a standard size pet gate of 75cm will be adequate. Pressure fit dog gates benefit from leaving no permanent damage to your home and many households prefer to fit pressure fit dog gates to both the top and bottom of the stairs. Should it be necessary to install a pressure fit pet gate to the top of the stairs then installing an extra tall pet gate to the second stair, directly below the top stair is recommended to ensure the trip bar is pushed back into the step as opposed to being a raised and exposed bar on the top stair.

What are the best dog gates for doorways?

Consider the following options when choosing the best dog gate, pet gate or puppy gate for your home. Dog gates, pet gates and puppy gates can be pressure fitted or screw fitted, metal or wood and feature an auto-close mechanism or a self-close mechanism. Dog gates can be installed in any doorway in the home and pressure fitted gates and screw fitted gates are both suitable, safe options. Pressure fit dog gates are installed using pressure and leave no lasting damage to your home, screw fitted dog gates are installed using screws and create a more permanent room divide in the home. Extra tall dog gates are advised for doorways of families with larger pets, with a height of 105cm, the extra height provides extra safety and security when used as a room divide between large pets and young children. Should your dog like to chew, a metal dog gate will provide the extra strength and resistance that a wooden dog gate may not. Pet gates and dog gates are versatile, by adding dog gate extensions to a standard gate a much wider room divide is created. Dog gate extensions enable you to create a suitable room divide for doorways large and small.

What is the tallest pet gate available?

Pet gates range from 75cm to 105cm in height. An extra tall pet gate is 105cm and is considered the safest dog gate option for families looking to create a safe room divide between large pets and young children. A screw fitted extra tall gate is advised for families with large, strong dogs. Screw fitted gates are strong and durable and can safely sustain the strength of larger animals.

Why use a pet gate?

Pet gates are designed to keep pets and children safe in the home and away from potential dangerous and harmful areas. Dog gates, pet gates and puppy gates once installed create an instant divide between two areas of the home. Pet gates enable you to contain a pet in a designated area, preventing them from entering other areas of the home you wish to keep free from pets. They enable you to create zones where you are happy for your pet to enter and where you are not.

Dog gates enable you to keep children and pets apart, enabling you to go about your day with the confidence your child is safe whilst they play. A dog gate can be installed in any doorway in the home upstairs and downstairs, in internal and external entrances. Pet gates are the safest room divide for families with young children looking to create a pet free area for their child to play, they prevent dogs from entering bedrooms and playrooms amidst other rooms in the home.

Pet gates enable you to keep your pet safe and secure in the home. A dog gate fitted to the kitchen entrance for example enables you to cook safely in the kitchen without potentially tripping over your pet whilst you go about preparing family meals.

How to install a pet gate?

How to install a pressure fitted pet gate:
A pressure fit dog gate is not installed using tools or drilling and screwing techniques but by applying pressure to the four main pressure points. To fit a pressure fit dog gate simply place the stair gate in the space you wish to fill then firstly tighten the bottom two spindles followed by the top two spindles, the gap between the wall and stair gate will then gradually close. A gap is required at the top of your pressure fit dog gate to enable pressure to be applied to all four spindles. Should a gap still appear at the top of your dog gate it is important to keep tightening the spindles. If a gap is still present once maximum tension is applied then a pet gate extension may be necessary. Once your pressure fit dog gate has all four spindles tightened correctly in place, a locking latch will then fixate under the lip of the framework and the gate will close. To then operate your pressure fit dog gate efficiently simply pull the latch back and lift the gate out of its cradle to enable the pet gate to open.

Brands such as BabyDan also include the added feature of a safety indicator across all their pressure fit dog gates. This safety indicator shows if the dog gate has been mounted correctly and provides an extra safety measure and reassurance that the pressure fit dog gate has been installed appropriately. Some pressure fit pet gates come with wall cups which cover the four main pressure points, making it easier to apply additional pressure.

How to install a screw fitted pet gate
It is important to fix any screw fitted pet gate to a straight wall when installing the gate. Place your dog or pet gate in to the space intended for use, once you are happy with the position of your dog gate and no more adjustments are required you can then fix the wall mounted brackets supplied in place, in line with your gate. The pet gate can then be lifted and lowered into the wall hinges allowing the pet gate to swing on its hinges. To unlock the pet gate simply push down on the tab and lift the gate out of the catches, this will enable you to open your pet gate. Full instructions are supplied with all screw fitted pet gates, dog gates and puppy gates.

Are pet gates safe for babies?

All pet gates comply with the current safety standards and are safe around children of all ages including babies. If a pet gate or dog gate is installed correctly following instructions supplied with the gate and placed in suitable, recommended locations then it is safe for your child to be in contact with the gate. A pressure fit pet gate for example is safe, ultimately when installed with the necessary pressure applied. Should the gate lose the pressure, then it may become loose and be deemed unsafe. In this case it is advised that frequent checks are made in the home to ensure your pet gate retains the pressure at all times. Screw fitted pet gates are safe for babies and young children throughout the home and the recommended option for the top of stairs.