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Dog Pen

Give your dog more freedom whilst keeping them safe with a dog pen from Safetots. Dog pens, puppy pens and pet pens allow you to restrict certain areas of the home and garden by keeping your pet contained in their pen with enough room to play without being a nuisance or entering areas of the home which are off-limits to animals.

Puppy pens are a great way to train your puppy whilst giving them the space they need to play and explore. Our range of durable pet pens from reputable suppliers such as BabyDan and our own Safetots range keep dogs and puppies safely out of the way whilst giving them plenty of space to play.

By using a dog playpen, you can manage areas in the home your pet is allowed to be. Dogs and especially puppies are very inquisitive and can get into almost anything. By using an indoor dog pen, you can protect your furniture and soft furnishings from puppies who are teething. It is also a great way to house train your puppy. If they are restricted to their dog pen, then you are less likely to find little surprises elsewhere in the home!

Pet and dog pens from Safetots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so you can not only protect your soft furnishings but your flower beds will remain intact too!

How to choose a puppy pen?

Whether you are looking for a puppy pen or dog pen to keep your puppy contained safely in the home or in a safe zone outside the home, choosing a pet pen that is right for you can be a challenge. Puppy pens, dog pens and pet pens provide an ideal solution which enable your puppy or dog to play, sleep and exercise safely unsupervised. When choosing the best dog pen for your pet, consider the size, breed and weight of your dog, what is suitable for a small puppy may not be suitable for a large, heavy dog. If you have a large dog, consider choosing an extra tall dog pen with the versatility of being able to add and remove additional panels. A versatile dog pen enables you to create a bespoke dog pen suited to the size of your dog. Consider cost, durability and portability when choosing your pet pen, Safetots Pet Pens are constructed with individual panels that fold simply and neatly making them the ideal pet pen for travelling with a puppy or dog. Consider the height of your pet pen, if your dog is a large breed, be sure your dog cannot jump and escape the pet pen with ease. A pet pen is ideal for training or for keeping your pet contained in one area of the home. It’s important with any pet pen that you ensure the gate can withstand the weight and strength of your pet should they lean against it. Look for a puppy pen or pet pen with a door opening, this enables easy access, a pet pen with an extra wide door section is the ideal solution for larger dogs. Consider the size of your pet pen. If your dog or puppy is likely to panic if contained in a smaller space, make sure your dog pen has plenty of space for your dog to roam, play and exercise comfortably. Safetots pet pens are versatile In that you can add and remove panels to make them the ideal size to suit your pet. Safetots pet pens are simple, attractive, contemporary designs available in white and black made from a strong robust steel, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Why use a puppy pen?

A puppy pen or dog pen provides a safe and secure area for your puppy or dog to play, exercise and sleep safely. Puppy pens and dog pens are ideal for young puppies in training, they enable families to contain their puppy in one safe place indoors or outdoors. A dog pen enables you to separate your dog from young children or keeps them from social situations where you may not wish your dog to be present. Pet pens provide freedom and security for your animals, similar to a play pen for children, a pet pen provides peace of mind that your pet is safely contained as you go about your chores in the home and keeps playful puppies from potentially chewing soft furnishings and furniture and causing damage in the home. Pet pens are generally large enough for your dog or puppy to sleep, you can make them comfortable by putting their bed, food and water inside the pen, ensuring there is still plenty of room for them to roam with ease. A puppy pen is ideal for homeowners who have no secure fence panelling in their back garden, a pet pen will allow a dog or puppy to be in the outdoors without the ability to escape. Unlike a puppy crate, a puppy pen provides a greater area for your pet to play, a puppy pen is ideal for dogs and puppies who may be more claustrophobic and scared of the smaller consignment of a crate.

Are puppy pens safe for babies?

Some puppy pens and play pens for babies are ultimately the same design and provide the same safety and security for babies and as they do pets. Most puppy pens are suitable for babies, however, it is not recommended that a puppy pen, for hygiene and safety reasons, should be used as both a puppy pen and a play pen. Dogs may chew and lick the bars of a puppy pen and therefore would not be deemed suitable for a baby once it has been used for a pet. Most Safetots pet pens and play pens consist of interconnecting panels that slot together, mostly made of metal and wood, and each provides a suitable, safe zone for a child or pet to exercise and play. It is not advised for pets and babies to share a play pen or a pet pen at any time. Dogs and puppies should always be supervised when babies and young children are in their presence as they may not always be so tolerant of young children. It is recommended that if you intend to buy a pet pen or puppy pen for your baby that it complies with today's safety standards for children. All Safetots pet pens comply with the relevant safety standards for babies and young children and are suitable for both babies and pets.