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Safety Gates with Pressure Fittings are more popular of the different types of stair gates available.

Most parents prefer pressure fit safety gates because they are usually very easy to install, require very little effort to fix and in most cases use neither screws nor adhesive which cause permanent marks to the walls. These safety gates typically function such that they augment outwards and are wedged securely into the frame of the doorway or stairway using adjustable pressure points with a padded point of contact.

Stair gates that have a pressure fit mechanism are not just simple to install and use, but they also have features such as the option of swing-shut and 2-way opening along with having a secure double locking system.  You might opt for a pressure fit stair gate if you don’t want to drive holes into your wall, or also if you are using it as safety gates separating rooms of the same level or at the bottom of the stairway where the risk of pushing the gate out of position is not great.

These stair gates come with an added benefit of being easily moved between any openings. Pressure fit safety gates are available in a range of versatile and very stylish looking stair gates so you won’t have to compromise with your home decor in the name of child proofing. Now with pressure fit stair gates you can get security for your child with a hassle free assembly child safety product.

Pressure Fitting