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Room Dividers


Room dividers are designed to fit wider spaces where stair gate extensions may not necessarily reach, they can be shaped and angled as required and are an ideal addition to an open plan room. Using a room divider allows you to keep a watchful eye on your child whilst giving them the freedom to roam and explore in a safe environment.

Baby gate room dividers are easy to manage and can be customised to your individual requirements. By dividing a room, you can create a safe enclosed space for your child to play whilst keeping them out of the way of potential hazards.

At Safetots we have a wide range room divider gates from reputable manufacturers such as BabyDan as well as our own high-quality Safetots range. Our room dividers have been designed to blend in with the decor of your home, remaining as neutral as possible. We have both white room dividers and black room dividers, which fit up to many meters if required. Please note room dividers can NOT be free standing and all will need to be connecting with the included wall mounting kit

Baby room dividers are a valuable and versatile piece of furniture, especially when you have inquisitive children in the house! They provide a safe space without the confinements of a traditional playpen. Our room dividers are also great for pets, keeping them separate from children or areas of the house you would they not go.

Dividing a room couldn’t be simpler. If you require any further help or advice, please visit our FAQs section, or contact our customer services team.


What are room dividers?

Room dividers are versatile, connecting, safety gates that enable you to divide two or more areas of the home. As room dividing panels can be purchased as individual panels, it is possible to create a room divider for almost any space in the home. As Safetots room dividers are made up of several interconnecting panels, they can be angled as required to fit unique and awkward spaces. Room dividing baby gates are designed to fit wider widths and often installed to create separate, multi-purpose areas in living rooms and kitchens and to keep young children and pets apart. Room dividers are often used to prevent children accessing areas of the home such as the kitchen and keep them safe from large fire hearths and other potentially hazardous areas of the home. Room dividers are the multi-purpose solution to simply and safely dividing a large space in today’s modern open plan home, creating safe play zones for children and enabling pet zones, child play zones, entertaining zones to be temporarily created.

More than one opening gate panel may be installed within the configuration of any room divide, allowing for more than one entrance and exit within the room divide. As each panel can be angled to 10 degrees we recommend that you install a room divider at a slight angle and not in a straight line to help with stability. Most Safetots room dividers and BabyDan Room dividers offer further versatility and can be configured from a room divider into a playpen for young children.

What are room dividers made of?

Safetots have a wide range of room dividers including black room dividers and white room dividers made of metal. Safetots supply BabyDan room dividers and Safetots room dividers, some with two-way opening features and other room dividers suitable for diagonal spaces. For safety reasons, it is recommended that a room divider is always screw fitted and mounted securely to any straight or angled walls to which it is installed using the compatible wall mounting kit supplied.

What are room dividers used for?

A room divider enables you to create a divide between two areas in the home. Kids room dividers are popular with parents of young children, they provide the ideal solution to keeping children safer in the home from pets or potentially hazardous areas such as the kitchen or hot fire hearths. A room divider allows you to create a safe zone for a child to play and provides peace of mind should you need to leave a child unsupervised for any time. A room divider gate can be used in any area of the home, upstairs or downstairs and can be configured to suit unique and individual spaces. Each room divider panel can be adjusted to a 10 degrees angle, making them the versatile solution to organising the space in your home. Safetots room dividers are easy to fold and store when not in use.

How to keep room dividers from falling down?

It is recommended that all Safetots room dividers are screw fitted to straight or angled walls to ensure maximum strength, safety and stability. Wall fittings are included with all Safetots room dividers and BabyDan room dividers and it is recommended that they are used during installation. As room dividers generally tend to be larger than a standard safety gate it is advised to install the panels at an angle and not in a straight line. Each panel can be angled to 10 degrees as required. By angling one or more panels, greater stability is achieved resulting in a more sturdy and secure room divide.

How to secure room dividers?

A room divider is installed using a wall mounting kit. All Safetots and BabyDan room dividers come complete with a compatible wall mounting kit allowing for simple installation. It is recommended that a room divider is never left as a freestanding gate and advised that it is always installed using the wall fittings provided. A room divider gate is further secured by angling various panels to add strength and resilience to the gate.

How tall are room dividers?

Safetots room dividers and BabyDan room dividers are a standard height of 72cm. Although height is standard, there are various panel widths available in 20cm, 33cm, 46cm and 72cm to enable you to create a room divider suitable for your required space. Extra wide gate openings are compatible with all Safetots room dividers enabling easier access and more than once gate opening can be installed within any configuration.

When to use room dividers?

Dividing a room is made possible with Safetots and BabyDan's vast range of room dividers. A room divider is used to separate two areas in the home, it enables families to separate young children from pets, to restrict children from various areas of the home and to create safe zones for children to play. A room divider adds separation and creates versatility and flexibility in the home, enabling larger spaces to be divided safely and securely. Safetots room dividers and the BabyDan room divider can double up as play pens, they provide the safest, most versatile solution to keeping children safe whilst you go about your day. As lifestyle today has shifted more towards open-plan living, a room divider can instantly transform one large area into a multi-purpose space by dividing a large open living area into two zones when needed. Safetots room dividers are designed for the safety of young children and with their fuss-free, slim pole, metal frame design they don’t block the light in any room. A room divider is most popular for separating floor space and furniture and creating none permanent, separate zones within the home.

How to hang room dividers?

Safetots room dividers are interconnecting, metal gates, when joined together create a large room divider. Panels are secured to the wall using a compatible wall mounting kit and each gate is securely fitted by screwing securely into the bracket and the wall. Safetots recommend that a room divider is always securely fitted using the kit provided and never left (for safety reasons) to be a free-standing room divider. Brackets can remain in place and panels removed with ease and stored when not in use.

How to use room dividers?

Safetots have a wide range of BabyDan and Safetots room dividers in white and black metal. A room divider is made up of individual connecting panels configured with one or more two-way opening door panels. Room dividers are used to divide a room, to create separation and to provide flexibility with space in today's ‘open plan living’ or to keep children separated from pets. They enable larger areas in the home to become ‘multipurpose’ and enable you to create zones for pets and children or for entertaining purposes. They can be used to divide the indoors from the outdoors, separating the two areas safely and securely. Room dividers are simple to install when needed and quick to fold away when no longer required. They are the versatile, none permanent solution to creating individual, unique spaces in the home.

How do room dividers work?

A room divider enables you to create custom size play zones for children; areas for pets to be contained; to separate children from potentially hazardous areas in the home, and to create non-permanent zones in large open plan living spaces. They provide versatility enabling areas in the home to become temporarily multi-purpose as and when required.

Why use room dividers?

Room dividers are popular with families with young children, they can provide parents with reassurance and peace of mind in the home as they go about their day. A room divider is ideal for separating pets from children or for days when you are entertaining guests in the home and want to keep pets contained or children safe and separated from the party. A room divider is installed for many reasons, predominantly to ‘divide a room’ for the unique reason intended. They provide the ultimate multi-purpose solution to creating unique, bespoke, safely, separated areas and zones in the home upstairs, downstairs, indoors and outdoors.