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Screw Fit Stair Gates


Designed to prevent babies and toddlers from falling down the stairs or climbing the staircase, screw fit stair gates are one of the most secure stair gates available from Safetots and are recommended, especially for use at the top of the stairs. They are also suitable for other areas of the home such as doorways and provide a permanent barrier to help keep you baby or toddler from danger.

Screw fit safety gates are fixed straight into the wall with a wall mounting kit and metal screws which provide a safety barrier fixed at a permanent position. They are easy to install but will require some drilling. Make sure you read all installation and mounting instructions carefully before starting.

In addition to being strong and sturdy, screw fit safety gates have the added advantage of having no bottom rail which removes the risk of tripping which can sometimes be found with other safety gates. Some models can also be removed from the mounting and placed elsewhere providing there is another wall mounting system in place.

Before purchasing your screw fit baby gate, it is important to check you have the correct measurements. You may need to buy baby gate extensions if you have a wider than usual door frame or staircase, as screw fit stair gates are not extendable. There is a wide range of stair gates extensions available at Safetots.

There is a range of screw fit baby gates to choose from, available in a range of materials including wood, metal plastic or mesh with additional features such as extra tall screw fit stair gates, narrow width screw fit stair gates and two-way opening gates.

Although not recommended, if you live in rented accommodation, or do not want to put holes in your walls, you could consider placing a pressure fit stair gate on the second stair down which will prevent tripping.

Don’t buy any stair gates including screw fit stair gates second hand as they may not comply with current EN 1930:2011 regulations. All Safetots safety and stair gates comply with current regulations, if you need any help and advice on selecting the best stair gate for you or information on installation, then please contact us.


How do I use the Safetots Stair Gate finder?

Follow these simple step by step instructions to finding the right safety gate for your home:

1. WALL TO WALL - To establish the ‘wall to wall’ measurement, measure from wall to wall where you estimate the top edge of the safety gate to fit. (Standard height gates are approximately 75cm and extra tall gates are 100cm in height. Key in this measurement in centimeters in the ‘wall to wall’ box.

2. FLOOR LEVEL – To establish the ‘floor level’ measurement, measure the estimated floor space, taking into account any skirting boards. It’s important to measure within the skirting boards as this may alter the gate we recommend for you. Key in this measurement in centimeters in the ‘floor level’ box. If there is no difference between the floor level and the wall to wall measurement there is no need to fill in both.

3. Once you have entered ‘wall to wall’ measurements and ‘Floor level’ measurements select the blue GO button. You will now have a list of all suitable and compatible safety gates for your space. Your measurements have now been automatically and accurately calculated.

4. To narrow your search further, select TYPE. Establish the type of safety gate you would prefer and select/click on that option. For example, if you are looking for a Pressure Fit Stair Gate, click on ‘Pressure fit Stair Gates’. You will now have a list of pressure fit stair gates (only) that are compatible with the measurements you have already entered. You can select more than one gate type if required.

5. To narrow your search further, select COLOUR. Click on the preferred gate colour or colours. At this point you will have a list of gates in your chosen TYPE and COLOUR that will fit your exact measurements.

6. Continue to follow the process of points 4 and 5 for GATE MATERIAL, BRAND and GATE FEATURES.

7. Once you have completed your selections, you will now be left with a list of safety gates compatible with your space in your preferred brand, colour and style with any particular gate features required.

8. To start the process again, simply click the blue x in the top right corner of the finder, this will take you to a fresh stair gate finder page.

The space in my home is unique?

If the Safetots stair gate finder is not working for you due to an unusual or awkward space, contact the safety gate experts at Safetots who will aim to make recommendations to you based on your requirements.

Are screw fitting stair gates safe?

Screw fitting stair gates come complete with wall mounting fixtures and fittings to allow for strong, sturdy and secure installation on walls, doorways or bannisters. A screw fit stair gate is the ultimate robust stair gate, installed with screws direct into the fittings and into the wall. A screw fit stair gate is safe and recommended for all doorways, hallways and stairwells in the home. The screw fit gate is the best, most safe option for the top of the stairs as it has no trip bar and the screw fit installation further provides maximum security. The screw fittings ensure a screw fit stair gate stays in place more securely upon impact from family members and their pets and ensures the safety gate does not come loose easily. All Safetots screw fitting stair gates have been tried and tested and meet with today's necessary safety standards. Screw fit stair gates are available from Safetots in metal and wood, both options provide suitable, safe room divider solutions for the home. Metal screw fitting stair gates are recommended for families with dogs, should your dog like to chew, a metal screw fitting stair gate is safer, stronger and more resilient to chewing. Screw fitting stair gates provide the maximum security for dividing areas safely in the home.

How to install a screw fitting stair gate?

A screw fitting stair gate is installed using wall mounting fixtures and fittings and screws. A paper template with drill/screw markings is provided with each screw fitting gate, which enables you to place and align your gate and drill precisely in line with the template. The template helps achieve accurate measuring and avoids drilling in the wrong area. Depending on the surface intended for the installation of your screw fit stair gate, wall plugs may be required. Wall mounted brackets are then installed and the gate can be mounted and screw fitted into place. A screw fit safety gate provides the ultimate security for children and pets in the home, providing a more secure and more permanent room divide. Although a considered the more permanent option for safety gates, many screw fitted gates do benefit from a quick release mechanism, making them versatile should you wish to fit additional brackets in other doorways and stairwells, a screw fit gate can be easily transferred.

Can you use a screw fitting stair gate at the top of the stairs?

A screw fit stair gate is the most recommended safety gate for the top of the stairs. Unlike many stair gates on the market, the screw fit safety gate benefits from no trip bar making it the ultimate safety gate for the top of the stairs as it carries no potential danger of tripping over the base frame. Screw fit stair gates provide the ultimate safety due to their strength gained through the screw fit installation, they provide a strong and safe divide that can withstand greater pressure should any family member lean onto the gate. As all screw fit safety gates have no trip bar and the screw fit installation further provides maximum strength and security, they are recommended for the top of the stairs by Safetots, suppliers and manufacturers.

What is a screw fitting stair gate?

Screw fitting stair gates provide a secure and safe division between two areas in the home. Made from metal, wood or mesh (if retractable) a screw fit stair gate provides the ultimate security in keeping children and pets safe in the home. They benefit from being the ultimate strong, sturdy and more permanent fixed gate. Screw fitting ensures maximum strength and safety should any pressure be applied to the gate and unlike many other stair gate designs, benefits from having no trip bar. A screw fitting stair gate is one of the few on the market recommended for the top of the stairs, thanks to its screw fit installation and no trip bar it provides the safest most secure option. Screw fit stair gates are recommended for families with large dogs, able to withstand the pressure should a dog lean onto the gate, they provide the ideal room divider for keeping children safe from larger pets. A screw fit stair gate has the least risk of coming loose if installed correctly and offers the best safety and security in more vulnerable locations. Further safety is achieved from the lift and close feature of the gate. To open and close a screw fit safety gate, it is necessary to slide and lift the opening to enter and exit through the gate providing further maximum safety and security.

How do screw fitting stair gates work?

A screw fitting stair gate benefits from a full swing opening, making exiting and entering the gate simple. Installed with screw fitted brackets it provides the ultimate security in stair gates. A screw fitted stair gate can safely be installed in all doorways, stairwells, upstairs and downstairs in the home in external and internal areas as required. Screw fitted stair gates can be opened and closed via the slide and lift handle which provides additional security for families with young children and can be fixed in size or extendable but unlike the pressure fitted stair gate additional gate panels cannot be added. Installed on safe, secure and strong hinges, a screw fit stair gate provides a more permanent safety gate for the home. However, they do benefit from a quick release system, allowing for quick and simple removal of the gate, brackets remain in place and the gate may be removed or transferred to additional brackets within other doorways or stairwells. Screw fit stair gates are versatile, simple to release and transfer to other locations in the home, provide the ultimate safety and security for young families and pets and come available in wood metal or mesh in a range of sizes to suit doorways large and small.