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Safetots has a wide range of stair gate extensions which allow you to adjust the size of either your screw fit stair gate or pressure fit stair gate. Use the Safetots width calculator to help you find the perfect stair gate extensions for your space.

A Safetots stair gate extension allows you to increase the size of your safety gate so you don’t have to be limited by space! Our range of safety gate extensions allows you to create a barrier almost anywhere in the home. If you have a wider doorway or an unusual space in your home, you can choose from an extensive range of stair gate extensions designed to extend existing safety gates to a desired width, whether this is the same on both sides of different, depending on where you would like the opening of the safety gate to be.

To install a stair gate extension simply attach to the sides of the stair and attach to the wall using either the pressure cups for a pressure fit stair gate or the screw fitting provided for a screw fit safety gate. Additional fittings are available from Safetots if you would like to place your stair gate in more than one place.

Our range of stair gate extensions is available in a range of colours to match your home décor and existing safety gate. We also have stair gate extensions compatible with Lindam stair gates, BabyDan stair gates and Dreambaby stair gates.

If you need any help with selecting the right stair gate extensions for your home or advice on installation, please contact the Safetots customer services team.

Stair Gate Extensions