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Stair Gate Extensions


Safetots has a wide range of stair gate extensions which allow you to adjust the size of either your screw fit stair gate or pressure fit stair gate. Use the Safetots width calculator to help you find the perfect stair gate extensions for your space.

A Safetots stair gate extension allows you to increase the size of your safety gate so you don’t have to be limited by space! Our range of safety gate extensions allows you to create a barrier almost anywhere in the home. If you have a wider doorway or an unusual space in your home, you can choose from an extensive range of stair gate extensions designed to extend existing safety gates to a desired width, whether this is the same on both sides of different, depending on where you would like the opening of the safety gate to be.

To install a stair gate extension simply attach to the sides of the stair and attach to the wall using either the pressure cups for a pressure fit stair gate or the screw fitting provided for a screw fit safety gate. Additional fittings are available from Safetots if you would like to place your stair gate in more than one place.

Our range of stair gate extensions is available in a range of colours to match your home décor and existing safety gate. We also have stair gate extensions compatible with Lindam stair gates, BabyDan stair gates and Dreambaby stair gates.

If you need any help with selecting the right stair gate extensions for your home or advice on installation, please contact the Safetots customer services team.


How to fit stair gate extensions

To ensure the maximum stability, it is advised that the minimum number of stair gate extensions, if possible are used. To install an extension to your safety gate, firstly remove any screw adjusters from your gate. Prise the plastic bungs from each corner of the stair gate and then simply push the extension into place and press the plastic bungs back into your stairgate extension. Slide the screw adjusters back into place and fit your gate as instructed. If more than one stair gate extension is required then simply repeat this procedure until all panels are connected. The installation of stair gate extensions may vary slightly depending on the brand of gate purchased.

Stair gate extensions are suitable for pressure fitted gates only and range in size from 6.2cm through to 100cm to fit narrow, standard size and extra tall stair gates. Stair gate extensions can be connected to both the left and right of the actual opening gate and the configuration as to where to connect them is personal choice.

Are stair fit extensions safe?

Each manufacturer will specify a set number of maximum extensions which can be used with their range of stair gates. Every gate, plus extension combination will have passed the relevant safety standards. It is, however, common sense that the more 'joints' in a stair gate configuration, the less stable the gate will eventually become. It is also important to note that once you have put up your wider gate and extension combination, the more times you take it down and put it back up again, the less stable it will also eventually become. It is best practice to leave wider stair gates in place.

Safetots have an extensive range of stair gate extensions in a vast range of sizes from as small as 6.2cm wide to 100cm wide compatible with narrow stair gates, standard size stair gates and extra tall and extra wide stair gates. Safetots have wooden stair gate extensions and metal stair gate extensions to fit Lindam, DreamBaby, BabyDan, Bettacare and Safetots stair gates.

Provided a stair gate extension is fitted correctly, it simply becomes an extension of your stair gate and provides a perfectly safe and secure room divide. It is important to ensure any stair gate extension is compatible with the stair gate it is intended to fit. Incompatible extensions may result in a weaker frame. To achieve the maximum stability for your gate it is advised that the minimum number of gate extensions are fitted at any one time.

How do stair gate extensions work?

Stair gate extensions enable you to create a room divider to fit doorways and stairwells large and small and to fit most unique spaces. Safety gate extensions enable you to achieve the width required and up to three extensions in any size can be fitted to your gate at any one time. A stair gate extension is simply connected to your stair gate and enables you to create a wider gate for wider openings. Extensions also allow you to create a room divide for more awkward, unique, individual spaces where a standard size gate may not quite fit. Stair gate extensions are compatible with wooden and metal stair gates, it important to fit a compatible extension with your stair gate to ensure the height, width and brand are suitable.