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Safetots has a fantastic range travel baby gates designed to keep your little ones safe when away from the home from well-known manufacturers such as BabyDan and Lindam. Both are Lindam travel stair gates and BabyDan travel rails are ideal for taking away from the home and cam be set up almost anywhere.

Unlike stair gates in the home, baby travel gates are self-expandable and fold down compact to fit into a carry case. They are lightweight and easy to install making them ideal for time spent away from the home. Whether it is on holiday or a trip to the grandparents, a travel gate from Safetots will keep your little one safe while allowing them the freedom to explore their surroundings.

Travel gates are similar to pressure fitted stair gates in that they do not need to be fixed to the walls. They are easy to install and remove and will come away from the wall completely once the pressure has been released.

Our range of travel stair gates although ideal for holiday and time spent away from the home, they are not a permanent solution and should not be used on a daily basis. A travel gate will act more as a barrier as opposed to a stair gate.

Travel Gates