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Travel Stair Gates

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Safetots has a fantastic range travel stair gates designed to keep your little ones safe when away from the home from well-known manufacturers such as BabyDan and Lindam. Both are Lindam travel stair gates and BabyDan travel rails are ideal for taking away from the home and cam be set up almost anywhere.

Unlike stair gates in the home, travel safety gates are self-expandable and fold down compact to fit into a carry case. They are lightweight and easy to install making them ideal for time spent away from the home. Whether it is on holiday or a trip to the grandparents, a travel stair gate from Safetots will keep your little one safe while allowing them the freedom to explore their surroundings.

Portable stair gates are similar to pressure fitted stair gates in that they do not need to be fixed to the walls. They are easy to install and remove and will come away from the wall completely once the pressure has been released.

Our range of travel stair gates are ideal for holiday and time spent away from the home. However, they are not a permanent solution and should not be used on a long-term daily basis. A travel safety gate will act more as a barrier as opposed to a secured long-termstair gate.


How to open a travel gate?

Safetots supply Babydan travel stair gates and Lindam flexiguards, travel stair gates designed to keep your children safe whilst on your travels. Travel stair gates fit to your doorway or stairwell by applying pressure at the four corners of the gate, (the anchorage points), no drilling or screwing is required to install your pressure fitted travel safety gate. Unlike standard pressure fitted gates, these travel safety gates do not feature an opening door, to enter through the gate, removal of the gate is required, there is no opening and closing mechanism. Once fitted in place both the Lindam travel gate and the Babydan travel gate create an instant barrier to restrict access to rooms and stairwells. The BabyDan Gate to Go also features an indicator which shows whether the gate has been fitted with the necessary pressure, ensuring it is entirely safe for your child. Travel pressure fitted gates are quick to release should you wish to enter through the gate or remove the gate. Thanks to the quick release pressure fit handle, these travel gates are simple to remove when they are no longer required.

How to use a travel gate?

Travel stair gates are lightweight and fold up to a compact, packable size, enabling families to holiday and visit families whilst keeping their children safe in their away from home environment. The Babydan travel stair gate and the Lindam travel safety gate, fold at the centre for packing up when not in use and come complete with a travel bag for easier transportation. To install travel baby gates, firstly remove from the travel bag and unfold until the gate forms and upright and sturdy structure. Safetots travel safety gates are installed by applying pressure to the wall or stairwell at the four corners of the gate (the anchorage points). It is important to apply the maximum amount of pressure required to ensure strength and stability of your baby travel gate. To remove the gate, pressure is quick and simple to release thanks to the quick release pressure fit handle.

Travel safety gates simply provide an instant divide between rooms, preventing children from entering areas of a home deemed unsuitable and potentially unsafe. Unlike standard pressure fitted gates, travel baby gates do not feature an opening door, they are a solid structure once installed and removal of the gate is necessary should you wish to walk through, there is no opening or closing mechanism. Travel safety gates provide ideal temporary solutions for keeping children safe at home or whilst travelling. Safetots travel safety gates are recommended for temporary use only, for the ultimate long term safety of your children in the home, installing a standard pressure fitted gate or screw fitted gate is advised.

Babydan travel rails and Lindam travel gates are a popular choice with parents, lightweight and portable they provide a great solution to keeping children safe during stays away from the home. Safetots travel safety gates are versatile and flexible, folding down for ease of packing in your suitcase, throwing into the boot of your car or carrying with ease over your shoulder.

how to fold a travel gate

Safetots travel gates benefit from a twist and fold collapsing mechanism, ensuring the gate folds easily across the centre of the gate for ease of travelling. Travel gates are then more compact, stored in a practical travel bag which comes complete with a long strap for ease of transporting the gate.