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Safetots has an extensive range of quality wooden baby gates including both screw fit and pressure fit wooden stair gates so you can protect your child from almost any hazardous area in the home. We also have a range of expanders and stair gate extensions which allow you to adapt your wooden safety gate to almost any doorway.

Wooden stair gates not only create a sturdy and safe barrier for your child but they also fit comfortably into the décor in most homes with a range of colours available including natural wood.

At Safetots we have a range of wooden safety gate options including wooden baby gates for stairs and auto close wooden safety gates.

Are wooden stair gates safe for stairs?

Wooden stair gates are safe for all doorways and stairwells within the home, they provide a contemporary, stylish room divide, available in white wood, cherry or natural. Screw fit wooden safety gates are recommended for the top of a flight of stairs, they provide the most secure and safe solution, installed with screws to all four corners of the gate frame as appose to applying pressure to the four spindles. If a wooden pressure fitted gate is installed at the top of the stairs, there is a risk of pressure becoming released and the gate becoming dangerous. Wooden pressure fitted gates are also designed within a U frame and present a potential hazardous trip bar when opened. Wooden screw fitted baby gates have no trip bar and provide the ultimate safe solution for the top of any flight of stairs. Wooden pressure fitted and wooden screw fitted safety gates are both suitable options for the bottom of the stairs. For the safety of your family, wooden stair gates should not be installed within the actual stairwell itself.

Are wooden stair gates safe for pets?

Wooden stair gates are safe for pets, they enable you to create safe and secure boundaries in the home wherever you need them. Although suitable for all pets, a wooden stair gate may be less suited to a teething puppy or dogs in general who are prone to chewing. A wooden stair gate is strong and robust but can become damaged easily if chewed. Metal gates are recommended for pets who like to chew, they are more durable and hardwearing and less prone to damage. Wooden stair gates are versatile and can be easily transferred between doorways and stairwells, they create an instant, safe room divide for your pet to play and exercise safely and unsupervised. Wooden stair gates can be installed within multiple areas in the home, enabling you to create more than one zone for your pet to play. Wooden safety gates also prevent pets from entering areas of the house where children may be playing, providing peace of mind for your pets and children as you go about your day. Safety gates provide a great solution in preventing puppies from creating havoc in the home, they enable you to close off areas of the home you would prefer to keep free from a lively pup prone to chewing furniture, carpets and upholstery.

Can you get wooden baby gates made to measure?

Safetots supply wooden baby gates are in a range of sizes to fit most doorways and stairwells large and small. Bespoke wooden baby gates and made to measure baby gates are not supplied by Safetots. With such a vast range of wooden and metal stair gates available, in most instances, Safetots can recommend a gate to suit the doorway or stairwell intended for use. Expandable, wooden stair gates provide a versatile solution to creating a safe and secure room divide. The stair gate extensions these gates can instantly be made wider to fit larger areas. Wooden, metal and retractable stair gates come in a vast range of heights and widths to suit most hallways and stairwells, suitable for most internal and external doorways in the home.

Wooden Stair Gates